CES 2011 Camera and Photo Gear Report

CES 2010

LIVE UPDATE:  Growing list of announced cameras and accessories below.

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show takes place January 6-9 in Las Vegas.  While the show is massive, encompassing everything from video games to car tech to household appliances, there are a number of cameras and other photo products unveiled during or around the event each year.

I’ll be there with cameras in hand to report on all the latest and greatest photo gear at CES.

This year could bring some different announcements from camera manufacturers, particularly since PMA has been moved to the September instead of the previous February/March time-frame.


Expect tons of point and shoot cameras, as usual.  I also expect to see some more mirrorless cameras trending throughout 2011, and it would make sense for certain manufacturers to get on the growing bandwagon.

Flip-style camcorders should continue to drop into product lineups.  And maybe we’ll see something fresh in the DSLR scene with more HDSLR offerings sure to come.

You will find news as it rolls in on the front page of Photography Bay, and you can visit this page for a recap/index of all the coverage for cameras and photo gear at CES 2011.

If you are looking for more general tech and gadget coverage, Joe and I will be packing in as much as possible over at Tech Tilt as well.

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    wish i could be there. Sounds as crazy as PDN expo here in NYC. I will definately be waiting for more news on this.
    Always enjoy your site.