Camtrol HDSLR Rigs

One of the few HDSLR accessories at CES 2011 was found at Camtrol’s booth.  Camtrol “Free Shooting Tools” offer a wide range of configurations in a single kit thanks to the ball-jointed arms and handles.

The Camtrol rigs come in single-handle and dual handle configurations.

The single-handle Camtrol Grand features a baseplate with 4 legs and an articulating handle that allows you to handhold your camera in several positions.  The most natural configuration for the Camtrol Grand lets you carry your HDSLR at or below the waist level with a small monitor attached to the rig.

The articulating arm further allows you to configure the Camtrol rig for overhead shooting, doggy cam shooting, or even set it up as a shoulder rig.

The Camtrol Moose is the newest version of the rigs and provides dual handle supports for more stable camera operation.

In the few minutes that I had with the Camtrol HDSLR and camcorder rigs at CES, I was quickly impressed with the ease of configuration and stability the rigs provide.  The articulating handles allow you to make the rigs comfortable for your own shooting style, and the materials are rock solid.  You can also mount your own base plate with 15mm rods attached on top of the Camtrol base plate for using a follow focus or matte box on your HDSLR.

Camtrol also has a remote extender for making the most out of consumer and prosumer camcorder remotes.

The camcorder’s stock remote is mounted onto the carry handle with velcro tape for easy removal.  An optical relay sends the infrared signals from the remote to the front of the camcorder.

As a result, you get an easy remote start/stop within reach of your thumb.

The Camtrol HDLSR rigs range in price from about $400 to $800 depending on the configuration.  You can find out more about Camtrol’s products on Camtrol’s website.



  1. says

    I’m always thinking WHY! First, why do video with a still camera?
    Why not! If you wanted to get great HD video, why not buy a good HD Video Camera and then add the stablizing devices.
    Just Sayin’.

  2. says

    @Larry – I don’t think that HDSLRs are simply “still” cameras anymore. Additionally, the sensor format provides creative options simply not possible with traditional video cameras.

    In the same vein, why not shoot wildlife photos with a compact camera that has a 30x zoom lens? While the question is rhetorical, it exemplifies the critical difference is at the sensor level rather than the form factor. The same is true with HDSLR video capture.