Sony CLM-V55 Official Details and Images Released

Sony just dropped the official details and product photos of the new 5-inch CLM-V55 monitor for Alpha DSLRs – or just about any other DSLR with an HDMI-out.

Sony CLM-V55 Key Features

  • Clip-on attachment for Sony hot shoe or standard ISO hot/cold shoe
  • 5-inch WVGA LCD (800 x 480 resolution)
  • Tilt/swivel mount
  • Pixel magnification for 1:1 zoom of HD image
  • 16:9 and 4:3 on-screen markers
  • Brightness, contrast, colour tone (phase), colour temp and auto dimmer controls
  • Mono speaker
  • Headphone jack
  • Volume control
  • Battery (included) or AC powered
  • LCD hood included
  • Available March 2011

More details and images below.

Sony CLM-V55 Press Release

Clip-on LCD monitor from Sony for HD video shooting with Interchangeable Lens Digital cameras

13 January 2011

CLM-V55 gives big, high-resolution view of video footage

• Clip-on LCD monitor attaches to DSLR camera
• Large (5″) WVGA panel offers superb high-resolution view while shooting HD video
• Tilt/swivel for comfortable viewing at any angle
• Colour peaking and pixel magnification for precise focus confirmation

A new clip-on LCD monitor from Sony gives DSLR camera owners a bigger, better view of their footage while shooting HD video.

The CLM-V55 is a portable video monitor featuring a high-resolution WVGA (800 x 480) (5”) LCD panel. Attaching easily to most Interchangeable Lens Digital cameras and compatible HD camcorders via the supplied adaptor, it displays video footage during shooting/playback with excellent clarity and a wide viewing angle.

The clip-on screen tilts and swivels to any angle for comfortable framing in any position – even self-shooting when you’re in the picture.

The CLM-V55 is loaded with pro-style features to help photo enthusiasts and videographers shoot high-quality HD video footage with their Interchangeable Lens Digital camera.

Pixel magnification mode assists with accurate focus confirmation, giving an enlarged pixel-perfect view of a selected portion of the Full HD image. It’s complemented by a colour peaking function that highlights the edges of accurately-focused areas of the video image.

An intuitive control wheel allows quick, positive adjustment of a wide range of monitor settings without interrupting shooting. Adjustable parameters include aspect ratio (16:9/4:3), volume, brightness, contrast, colour tone (phase), colour temp and auto dimmer. On-screen markers aid precise framing by giving precise indication of a TV’s 16:9 or 4:3 actual display area. The LCD monitor’s on-board mono speaker is complemented by a headphone jack for accurate audio monitoring during shooting.

The CLM-V55 attaches easily to a wide range of Interchangeable Lens Digital cameras from Sony and other manufacturers that support HD video shooting. The supplied adaptor simplifies mounting on any camera or HD camcorder that features an auto-lock accessory shoe or ISO shoe. Signal connection from camera to monitor is via the supplied HDMI cable, while power can be supplied using a battery pack or AC adaptor (both optional). The CLM-V55 comes with a detachable LCD hood for more comfortable viewing when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.

The CLM-V55 LCD video monitor by Sony is available from March 2011.



  1. Chris says

    Okay, I’ll forget about that Canon camcorder and add this to my list of stuff to buy when the A700 replacement is released. Now I am excited!

  2. Sherry says

    Wow! Now I can get my Nikon D7000 and have the option of a tilt/swivel LCD screen too…will make a swell package!!
    When do we get to know more details…?? Price? Compatibility issues if any?

  3. Azume says

    I’ve been saving up for an APS-sized unit after having owned a number of small sensor cameras. I currently use a Canon S3-IS and an S5-IS and I don’t think I’ll ever own another camera again without the fully articulating LCD panel. It gives you that extra flexibility that can only be possible if you’re willing to bury your face in the mud to take that low-angle shot with cameras that don’t have this feature. I like the Canon 60D and I think it really is a wise move for Canon. But it is still too big, too heavy and I don’t like having the expensive IS lenses. If only Pentax would add the fully articulating LCD display panel to their K5, that would be the perfect camera for me. Btw, I read a review of a similar unit as this one announced by Sony a year ago. It was selling for around $200. Forgot its name. But, congrats to Sony. This is a great idea that has been overdue for a long time. Don’t know why they just thought of this just now.