JVC 4K2K Camcorder at CES 2011

JVC presented a concept 4K2K “consumer” camcorder at CES 2011.  Just looking at the camera though, I have a tough time classifying it as a consumer model.  And while JVC was mum on a target price point, $2000 is about what I would put at the top-end of the consumer price range, which would seem to be a little low for a camera of this caliber.

Like the JVC GC-PX1, the 4K2K camcorder is based on its new Falconbrid image processor, which enables the throughput of 4K2K video files on this camera and high-speed still image capture on the GC-PX1.

In addition to the 4K2K camera, JVC had a companion 4K2K monitor on display.  The DM-3400 LCD monitor was streaming video from the concept camcorder for a stunning picture.

Also like the JVC GC-PX1 concept camera, JVC representatives made it clear that there is no set price or time to market for this 4K2K concept camcorder.  Additionally, they reinforced that the camera may or may not even come to market at all.