7 New Sony NEX Lenses Coming in 2011-2012

In addition to the Sony A700 replacement, Sony had a number of mockup lenses for the NEX-3 and NEX-5 mirrorless cameras on display at CES 2011 (albeit behind glass).

There will be 7 new lenses for the NEX series launching in 2011-2012, including:

  • a Carl Zeiss and G Series standard zoom
  • a standard macro, portrait and telephoto zoom
  • a wide angle zoom and mid telephoto

Sony was also pimping converters for mounting other brand lenses on the NEX cameras.

Unfortunately, there was no word of a new NEX camera to go along with the lenses.



  1. says

    If Sony fails to put SteadyShot Active image stabilization into any of these lenses, it will be an insult…a cheap cutting corners…and totally inconsistent with their so-called commitment to using E-mount for both video and still photography. Not including image stabilization in any lens from now on is totally unacceptable.

  2. Oleg says

    I’m quite interested too in that flash module mounted to the nex-5 body. It looks like a resized version of the standard nex flash. What is it actually??

  3. Hamburger says

    Too little too late… I sold my NEX-3 last month because I was frustrated by the lack of lenses. On a waiting list for the SEL18200 for months and it never became available. Sony should not have released an interchangeable lens camera, without first having a decent selection of lenses available for consumers. Not interested in using A-mount lenses with the adapter, I don’t have all day for it to autofocus!

  4. jon says

    i hope they just go with a conventional speedlite design instead of that flash. it just looks like a huge idiotic version of the included external flash – hell it’s as big as the body itself.

  5. Not impressed says

    Nice looking silver metal barrel lenses but really crappy camera design on the NEX5 and 3. I’m guessing the 7 ain’t gonna get any better, knowing Minolta’s track record of making ugly gimmicky designs. When the lenses and flash overwhelm the camera body in size, you gotta ask you gotta ask what the point of making such a thin small body to begin was. Why does the camera have to be as small as a deck of cards? Has the human hand gotten smaller in the last decade? No, in fact it’s gotten bigger. Well..I’m not surprised…only from the mind of Minolta..I mean Sonolta.

  6. Zen says

    I have been waiting for these to come out.@Hamburger: I understand your feelings on that as I almost sold my New-3 to a friend a wek ago but he asked me to hold on to it for a little while more. But with these lenses coming out I have no reason to sell but actaully buy em(lens) and start using NEX the way it should be. You may find more collection on lens and read lens reviews Three cheers for Sony :). Its better late than never.

  7. Jason says

    Does anybody know when these new lenses are coming out? like around a month time or something, not just a date, because I’m getting really impatient, and the adapter is not really all that great. I can manual focus faster than the 5-10 seconds it takes to focus.

  8. Gabby says

    I’m also looking forward to the new lenses and flash unit – I just hope they’re more reasonable in pricing than the current zoom.

  9. nessiejoan says

    @Kathy: i want a NEX-7 too! i’ve tempted to get the nex-5 so many times. i just keep telling myself it’s gonna be next week ;p it’s now two months worth of next weeks. i sold my dslr, and all i have is a point and shoot now, it’s getting frustrating…