JVC GC-PX1 High Speed Concept Camera

JVC introduced its GC-PX1 high speed concept camera at CES 2011 today.  While there’s no word on whether or not this camera will ever come to fruition, it has a killer spec list that’s sure to turn some heads.

JVC GC-PX1 Key Features

  • 10.6MP Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor
  • 10x Optical Zoom Lens with OIS
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Video at 60p / 36Mbps
  • Motor Drive Shooting 30 fps at 10MP
  • High Speed Video Capture at 300fps (in VGA Resolution with Real-time Processing)
  • 32GB Built-in Memory + SDXC Card Slot

We were told at JVC’s press conference that the GC-PX1 produces still images “on par with DSLRs.”  While I could not get a JVC representative to confirm the physical sensor size, it appears that it will be a least 1/4 the size of a 35mm sensor (based on the lens zoom range of 6.7-67mm), which puts it in the “point and shoot” sensor size range.

Details were slim on the whole; however, JVC was rather open about its new Falconbrid imaging processor, which allows the GC-PX1 to capture images and video at such high frame rates.

The Falconbrid processing engine is also present in JVC’s 4K2K concept camera and the “real” GS-TD1 3D camera.  The power of the Falconbrid is exemplified by the GS-TD1, which is a consumer-grade 3D camcorder that captures dual 1080p video on 2 separate sensors – and it looks great on screen.  We’ll have more on the GS-TD1 later, but for now just know that it is a powerful and impressive camera for a sub-$2000 price point.

You can see a little clip from the press conference below.