Don’t Put Unlicensed Music in Your Videos (Or, Where to Find Affordable & Good Music for Video)


I started to title this post “Don’t Put Copyrighted Music in Your Videos” but that doesn’t really fit.  If someone else created/performed it, then chances are that there’s a valid copyright to it and you need to either: (1) pony up for a license fee, or (2) think twice about using it in your videos. [Read more...]

Photo Fusion – Book Review

Photo Fusion is a book by Jennifer Bebb that deals directly with integrating audio and video capture into wedding photography coverage.  This is a book written for photographers – specifically, wedding photographers.  The clear goal of the book is to bring experienced photographers up to speed with this new genre of wedding coverage, focusing mainly on adding HDSLR video capture to the wedding day coverage. [Read more...]

One Day On Earth – A Global Media Project on 10-10-10

Want to be a part of what could be the largest media project ever?  Check out what’s going on at One Day on Earth on October 10, 2010.

On October 10th, 2010, thousands of people from every nation around the world will film their perspective and contribute their voice to one of the largest participatory media events in history. The event will result in a feature documentary and online video archive that will showcase the diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that can occur in one day on earth.

Find out how you can participate here.

Functional RED EPIC in the Wild

The EPIC was announced by RED in November 2008, with an estimated availability date of Summer/Fall 2009.  Now that we’re pushing Summer 2010, some pre-production models are finally starting to surface.  The Bui Brothers got some hands-on time with a pre-production RED EPIC at Cine Gear 2010.  Check out the short video below to see a peek at how the EPIC handles. [Read more...]

Stabilization for iPhone 3GS Cinematographers

How serious are you about shooting video with your iPhone?  If you’re big time into iPhone video, then you might want to take a look at the Steadicam Smoothee from Tiffen.

This Steadicam is designed specifically for the iPhone and includes a customized mount for it.  The Smoothee should help keep your iPhone videos a little less shaky.  No word on pricing yet though.

Get the full rundown in the press release below. [Read more...]

Zacuto DSLR Gunstock Shooter Gorilla Kits

Zacuto Tactical Shooter

As you are probably aware, video is a big trend in the professional photography realm right now.  Nikon, Canon and Pentax are all producing DSLRs that can record very high quality video.  Many photographers are taking this convergence of technology as an opportunity to expand their creative horizons.  And, whether you like it or not, video in DSLRs is here to stay.

For those of you wanting to get the most out of your DSLR’s video recording capabilities, you need to treat it a little more like a proper video camera.  That means, you need to keep it stable and be able to obtain critical focus.  Certainly, a tripod or monopod is a good way to do that.  But what if you want to be a little more mobile?  There are plenty of solutions for that as well.

Zacuto was one of the first manufacturers to offer a dedicated mobile video solution for DSLR owners.  Zacuto’s selection of DSLR video kits have grown to include more entry-level kits.  I got a chance to check out some of the more affordable Gunstock Shooter Gorilla Kits at Imaging USA this week and have to say that they are pretty impressive. [Read more...]

RED Announces More Details on Scarlet and EPIC, No Actual Cameras Though ’til Next Year . . . Maybe

We’ve been living with the great RED hype for over a year now since word of the cameras first leaked out (intentionally) and were eventually announced on November 13, 2008.

Since the announcement, RED has provided periodic updates or teasers about the new products; however, no actual products have been delivered.  Earlier this week, RED announced more official details concerning the Scarlet and EPIC cameras in its forum, which is their typical modus operandi.

The short of it? [Read more...]

Canon 7D as a Video Camera

You knew the Canon 7D could capture video, right?  The better question is whether you know how to take advantage of this capability.

In case you missed it, Chad Mumm of Engadget posted a nice little piece on his impressions of the Canon 7D as a filmmaking tool.  Chad’s the video producer over at Engadget and he clearly knows a little more than the average bear when it comes to shooting video.  He’s also got some great advice about working with mics and sound.

His points will largely apply to the Canon 5D Mark II as well.

So, if video DSLRs are your thing, you might want to check out Mumm’s word on the 7D.