Big RED Announcement – EPIC and Scarlet Reduex

The big announcement from RED that’s supposed to be groundbreaking and make the Nov. 13 announcement “insignificant” turns out to be a revamp of the EPIC and Scarlet specs.

So… what changed from Nov. 13th to Dec. 3rd?

A lot. We were a bit frustrated with certain system limitations with respect to digital signal processing and REDCODE data rates inside the “brains” so we took steps to more completely control our development process from start to finish, including all aspects of the electronics design and sensor fabrication. Additionally, our RED engineering team came up with a radical new approach to overcoming some of the previous system limitations. Given all these factors, we were able to re-write the system specs, to the benefit of our customers. We felt no compulsion to keep these advances a secret. So here we are.

[via Jim Jannard, RED User Forums]

Here’s the original announcement post from November 13.

Here’s the new stuff:

I guess this is still not the DSLR killer to which Mr. Jannard had previously alluded.

Enjoy it video geeks, while us photo geeks wait on our DSLR killer.

There’s a huge discussion in the RED forums that has racked up 46 pages of posts at the time of this posting.  Read it here.