Red Scarlet and Epic Announcements on November 13

Red always stirs the pot when news of something new from the company comes along.

We will announce the new Scarlet and Epic programs on Thursday Nov. 13th.

I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be. Call this hype… please. I am quite sure that the announcement will be called a “scam”. Should be a lot of fun to hear the reactions. I can’t wait.

[via REDUser forum]

Still yet, this does not appear to be the “DSLR Killer” that Red has previously alluded to:

We believe, and are developing for late 2009, a replacement for DSLRs. Currently, we call it a DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera).

While (insert code name) is not a replacement for Epic or Scarlet, it is strategically targeted at the DSLR space. As Nikon and Canon release their 720P and 1080P, respectively, DSLRs with video capture… RED has a more advanced view of the future. We look forward to rapidly pushing the “big guys” along in feature sets and capabilities.

[via REDUser forum]

I remain skeptical of whether Red can produce a viable alternative to cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II.  Perhaps the new Scarlet and Epic announcements will give us a hint of what is to come in their DSLR killer and whether the price will be prohibitive for all but the commercial pro market.