RED Scarlet and EPIC

“A DSMC is a camera that shoots stills and motion. Configure that camera any way you want. Select a brain. Configure your body.”

RED may have just changed the digital imaging game with the new Scarlet and EPIC cameras, which include options for full-frame 35mm size sensors.

The Scarlet is available in 4.9MP, 13.8MP and 24MP. The EPIC is available in 13.8MP, 24MP, 65MP and 261MP. Here’s the big one though – they are available in Nikon and Canon mounts.

Prices for the body are as follows:

Finally, here’s a nice chart that shows off the specs:

Just check out the below pics. When you’re done, the full brochure is here (5+MB).  Lots more from RED here.



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    At 12’000$US the full frame SENSOR, I believe that new toy is far from being a sheriff. The 267mp sensor is something though, I’ve got an eye on that one. Closest to 8×12″ negs yet?