Sony A350 Review at PopPhoto

PopPhoto has posted a review of the new 14.2 megapixel Sony A350.

Based on our DxO Analyzer 3.1 Blur tests of A350 images shot using a 100-300mm zoom set to 200mm, this sensor-shift system delivered between 2.5 and 3 stops of improvement, similar to the A100 and slightly less than the A700.

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Sony A350 Review at Let’s Go Digital

Let’s Go Digital has posted a review of the 14.2 megapixel, live view Sony A350 DSLR.

My first impression of the Sony A350 is an excellent one. It is a pleasant camera, quite well-organized and beautifully designed. On top of that it is a solid camera and with the abundance of accessories in the back of my mind, it is also a camera that could be the start of a long relationship with Sony.

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Sony DSC-W130 Review at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted a review of the Sony DSC-W130.

It has a great selection of useful preset modes and creative shooting tools, and most impressive, it combines its Face Detection technology with a smile detector for an extremely useful Smile Shutter mode, giving you in-focus images of wiggly kids or small groups of people, without resorting to a continuous shooting mode.

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Sony A700 Discontinued?

Reports are surfacing that the Sony A700 is destined to be discontinued in April.  Most of this info arises out of notations in Best Buy’s inventory system, which indicates a discontinuance date of April 27, 2008 for the Sony A700.  Here are a few of the quotes from readers who have posted this news in forums:

I just called my local BB in Maryland. There is a discontinue date of 4/27/08 for this cam. They are selling at origial price until at least after the discontinue date.

The clerk said she had heard of the new replacement coming out but didn’t have much info.

The discontinue is widespread. Something is going on. Many other electronics sellers are dropping the price on the a700.

My BB has a decent amount of Aplpha gear. The A100, A200, A350, A700, 18-200, 11-18 and 75-300. Some filters too. They also have a discontinued date of 4/27. This all happened very quickly as I was in there about a week ago trying to monitor the price of the 36 flash and the A700 was full list price of $1,399. They are not getting rid of all Alpha items, just A700.


Whether this means Sony is discontinuing the A700 or whether it’s just that Best Buy is no longer carrying the A700 remains to be seen.  The A700 does, however, seem to be a bit of an odd duck right now, due to the introduction of the A300 and A350.  I could certainly see Sony dropping the A700 from the current lineup in order to incorporate the awesome Live View featured on the A300 and A350 into a true prosumer DSLR.

Sony Digital Imaging “like no other” Foam City Commercial

Sony UK has just released its new “images” commercial from Foam City, Miami. In case you missed it, check out Photography Bay’s coverage of the Foam City shoot and some background info on the inspiration. As promised, here’s the brand spanking new commercial for your viewing pleasure:

You can see a higher resolution version at

Sony A350 Review at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted their full review of the Sony A350.

Having reviewed several digital SLRs in the past few months, I can summarize the Sony A200 and A350 in two sentences: They’re simple to use and take good pictures, and you don’t have to wade through complicated menus to use them. It’s refreshing.

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Sony A350 In Stock and Shipping

It looks like Amazon has updated the Sony A350 to “In Stock” and ready to ship.  However, this only applies to the standard A350 kit with the 18-70mm lens.  The body only and the 2 lens kit still show a release date of April 25.

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