20 Sony Twilight Photo Contest Finalists

Remember the Sony Twilight Contest?  It ended yesterday.

I have selected the 20 finalists from the entrants who submitted their photos to the contest.  They are listed below in no particular order.  Sony will now choose one of these images as the winner from Photography Bay’s portion of the contest and the photographer and a guest will be traveling to 1 of 7 awesome locations to shoot with Sony’s new gear at a Twilight football match.

Hong Kong at Twilight
1. Hong Kong at Twilight by zpowderhound

Burning Fever
2. Burning Fever by Bchild33

One more trick
3. One more trick by hungrig4leben

Botswana, Chobe River
4. Botswana, Chobe River by Bedux2

5. Skyline_8175_F_ by Andrew JK Tan

Meters are Free After Sunset
6. Meters are Free After Sunset by Tom Erickson

7. Little Church by TonyT1970

Not all who wander are lost
8. Not all who wander are lost by _Massimo_

9. DSC_0855 by AlanSeideman

حي على الصلاة . . . Come to prayer
10. حي على الصلاة . . . Come to prayer by ABD AL-RAHMAN AL-TERKIT

Urban Development
11. Urban Development by A guy with A camera

Morning, Breaking....
12. Morning, Breaking…. by Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography

Chicago Riverfront
13. Chicago Riverfront by johnche

14. Firstlight’s-Ebb-&-Flow by zpowderhound

The End is Nigh
15. The End is Nigh by Aarthi

16. 18Mar2009_1882 by william leong

17. Football_1859 by David Africa

Sun sets over the clouds around Table Mountain
18. Sun sets over the clouds around Table Mountain by Davridan

19. Untitled by rainypete

Birkenhead Lake at Sunset
20. Birkenhead Lake at Sunset by VKM2F



  1. Bobby Bourland says

    Today’s photography is 15% photographer and knowledge and 85% Photoshop. I started learning photography in 1965. It was a photographer and a camera. Not so today. Today,in my opinion, what is considered photography is actually photoshop. It’s FAKE.
    Today’s photographers take a few seconds capturing the scene and hours manipulating it..