RED had a big tent/booth on the NAB showfloor.  While the company had no major announcements at the show, it was still there pimping its EPIC and Scarlet cameras in style.  The RED folks had a full-on tattoo parlor set up in the middle of the show floor (with people getting real tattoos) and used this scene to show off the low light and shallow DOF capabilities of its cameras.

More RED eye candy below. [click to continue…]

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The above sample clip demonstrates the HDRx voodoo that RED is working in its new EPIC camera.  The shot from dimly lit tunnel to a sunny afternoon maintains the aperture and other exposure settings during the transition.  No one is pulling aperture via a remote during the transition.

Using the new HDRx feature in the EPIC, the camera makes the previously-impossible now possible.  The HDRx functionality works by recording two exposures and blending them together, which allows the camera to hold the highlight details in the clouds after emerging from the tunnel in the above video.  The exposures are captured simultaneously, with the underexposed frame recorded at a fraction of the shutter speed of the “normal” frame.  Not even film has this kind of latitude.

[fxguide via Prolost]

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Jim Jannard dropped a random “update” post in RED’s news feed today.  In it, he spoke about the future of RED and the harsh criticism sometimes tossed at the company. [click to continue…]

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Remember when the first RED EPIC that shipped out to a customer a couple weeks ago?

Well, it was stolen.

Someone broke into Mark Pederson’s chalet while he was vacationing in France and stole the only EPIC-M that’s gone out the door to a customer.  Jim Jannard is offering $100,000 to the camera’s safe return and the conviction of the thieves. [click to continue…]

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RED EPIC Has Shipped

by on December 21, 2010

in Gear

As confirmed by a REDUser.net forum posting, the first of the RED EPIC models has left the building to Mark Pederson, of OffHollywood.

Pederson followed up the announcement with a “flashback to 2006″ where he recounts his early involvement with RED before there was even a sensor for the RED ONE being produced. [click to continue…]

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No doubt the buzz about the RED Epic is building as it’s getting closer to launch.

Check out the below 2-part interview for some more in-depth answers about some features and functions of the RED Epic that you might not have known yet. [click to continue…]

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