Functional RED EPIC in the Wild

The EPIC was announced by RED in November 2008, with an estimated availability date of Summer/Fall 2009.  Now that we’re pushing Summer 2010, some pre-production models are finally starting to surface.  The Bui Brothers got some hands-on time with a pre-production RED EPIC at Cine Gear 2010.  Check out the short video below to see a peek at how the EPIC handles. [Read more...]

Gigapan EPIC Pro Now Available

Earlier this week, Gigapan announced the upcoming availability of the new EPIC Pro robotic panoramic mount for DSLRs with an expected release date of next month.  I just got word from Gigapan that the EPIC is already available and in stock.

You can head on over to the Gigapan store if you’ve got one of these on your shopping list.

GigaPan EPIC Models Launched

GigaPan EPIC

GigaPan is introducing several new EPIC robotic, panorama mounts today.  If you aren’t familiar with GigaPan products, these mounts allow you to make massive multi-gigapixel images with your camera by capturing literally hundreds of images that are stitched together in post-processing software.  Popular images shot with the GigaPan system include the Obama Inauguration and the 2009 World Series.

The GigaPan EPIC and EPIC 100 are slated for use with point and shoot cameras and smaller DSLRs.  Both models are currently available at for $349 and $449, respectively.

The GigaPan EPIC Pro is designed to work with DSLRs are larger lenses with up to a 10 lbs combined weight.  The EPIC Pro should be available in April 2010 for $895 from

All GigaPan EPIC models come with GigaPan Stitch, which “automatically combines and blends hundreds of photos into one seamless gigapixel panorama, then uploads it to, where users can zoom into the detail, discover, explore and share.”

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

RED Announces More Details on Scarlet and EPIC, No Actual Cameras Though ’til Next Year . . . Maybe

We’ve been living with the great RED hype for over a year now since word of the cameras first leaked out (intentionally) and were eventually announced on November 13, 2008.

Since the announcement, RED has provided periodic updates or teasers about the new products; however, no actual products have been delivered.  Earlier this week, RED announced more official details concerning the Scarlet and EPIC cameras in its forum, which is their typical modus operandi.

The short of it? [Read more...]

The Great RED Hype . . . Again

Over the past several months RED, has hyped up the second-coming of their big, bad cameras.  The latest big, bad camera announcement was for the over-priced Scarlet and EPIC DSMC (digital still and motion camera).

That wasn’t enough though.  RED is now hyping yet another announcement for December 3rd.

New announcement on Dec. 3rd. Everything has changed… just as we promised. :-)

Oh, and the “ground-breaking” Scarlet and EPIC cameras announced back on November 13th?  RED says, “The 13th was insignificant…”

Maybe it’s just more video mumbo-jumbo and nothing for us still photographers to be concerned with.  Or maybe, RED will enter the still image arena with a more reasonable price tag that actually means something to the overall market – and not just show off another high-priced modular system that doesn’t live up to the hype and purports to be available at some point in the future.

[RED via Crunchgear]

RED Scarlet and EPIC

“A DSMC is a camera that shoots stills and motion. Configure that camera any way you want. Select a brain. Configure your body.”

RED may have just changed the digital imaging game with the new Scarlet and EPIC cameras, which include options for full-frame 35mm size sensors.

The Scarlet is available in 4.9MP, 13.8MP and 24MP. The EPIC is available in 13.8MP, 24MP, 65MP and 261MP. Here’s the big one though – they are available in Nikon and Canon mounts. [Read more...]

Red Scarlet and Epic Announcements on November 13

Red always stirs the pot when news of something new from the company comes along.

We will announce the new Scarlet and Epic programs on Thursday Nov. 13th.

I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be. Call this hype… please. I am quite sure that the announcement will be called a “scam”. Should be a lot of fun to hear the reactions. I can’t wait.

[via REDUser forum]

Still yet, this does not appear to be the “DSLR Killer” that Red has previously alluded to: [Read more...]