New Canon EOS 1 Series Model Due in 2014

Canon EOS 1S

New rumors of an upcoming Canon EOS 1 series model suggest that the camera will be announced around the same time as a Nikon D4X in 2014. The significance of this is so that Canon can avoid the debacle it encountered with the 1D X launch.

Recall, that the 1D X was announced in October 2011, but didn’t become available until summer 2012. Meanwhile, Nikon announced the D4 in January 2012 and started shipping units just a couple months later. [Read more...]

Canon 75MP DSLR to Use a Non-Bayer Multilayer Sensor?

Canon EOS 1S

The info I received last weekend on a Canon 75MP+ DSLR being field tested seems to have shake a few trees and we are now hearing via Northlight Images that a source claims the sensor is a non-Bayer multilayer sensor. Essentially, this would mean that the camera would output a roughly 25MP image created from each of the red, green and blue channels (for a combined total of 75MP) – much like what we see from the Sigma Foveon sensor. [Read more...]

Canon EOS-1S Rumored as Big MP $9k DSLR?

Canon EOS 1S

Several recent rumors suggested that the upcoming 46MP behemoth from Canon would not be named the “3D” and would actually eschew the “D” moniker from the naming scheme altogether.  The latest word coming in over at Canon Rumors offers up the EOS-1S as the name of the rumored flagship high MP DSLR.

As I’ve previously said, I think it makes sense to lose the “D” for digital naming scheme at this point in Canon’s SLR lineup. What better point to start than at the top with a new flagship, high resolution camera? [Read more...]