New Canon EOS 1 Series Model Due in 2014

Canon EOS 1S

New rumors of an upcoming Canon EOS 1 series model suggest that the camera will be announced around the same time as a Nikon D4X in 2014. The significance of this is so that Canon can avoid the debacle it encountered with the 1D X launch.

Recall, that the 1D X was announced in October 2011, but didn’t become available until summer 2012. Meanwhile, Nikon announced the D4 in January 2012 and started shipping units just a couple months later. [Read more...]

Canon 75MP DSLR to Use a Non-Bayer Multilayer Sensor?

Canon EOS 1S

The info I received last weekend on a Canon 75MP+ DSLR being field tested seems to have shake a few trees and we are now hearing via Northlight Images that a source claims the sensor is a non-Bayer multilayer sensor. Essentially, this would mean that the camera would output a roughly 25MP image created from each of the red, green and blue channels (for a combined total of 75MP) – much like what we see from the Sigma Foveon sensor. [Read more...]