Canon EOS-1S Rumored as Big MP $9k DSLR?

Canon EOS 1S

Several recent rumors suggested that the upcoming 46MP behemoth from Canon would not be named the “3D” and would actually eschew the “D” moniker from the naming scheme altogether.  The latest word coming in over at Canon Rumors offers up the EOS-1S as the name of the rumored flagship high MP DSLR.

As I’ve previously said, I think it makes sense to lose the “D” for digital naming scheme at this point in Canon’s SLR lineup. What better point to start than at the top with a new flagship, high resolution camera?

Canon EOS 1S Rumored Specs

  • 46.1MP
  • 5fps
  • 16-bit RAW files
  • ISO 100-12800
  • $9,000 retail price

The rumored price, however, is going to have a bit of a shock factor at $9000, which vaults the camera into medium format price territory of cameras like the Pentax 645D and Mamiya DM series.  As such though, the EOS-1S is said to compete with medium format in both resolution and dynamic range.  While that comparison remains to be seen, if the EOS-1S comes to fruition it is most certainly not an answer to Nikon’s D800.

If Canon introduces the EOS 1S for $9000, it will most certainly alienate those at the lower end who have been holding out for a resolution competitor to the Nikon D800.  Will the 5D Mark III be enough to hold onto that crowd or will they move over to Nikon?



  1. EricB says

    As an existing Canon user I’m keen to stick to same brand if possible. I’m not currently looking to upgrade but may be tempted by high mp at the right price. IF (and at this stage it is an IF) the price was ~9K as a stills shooter I’d go 645D ormore obviously Nikon D800e. I see no reason to pay so much more for the Canon on the basis of info leaking so far..

  2. Michael says

    I agree with EricB. I’m also invested in Canon glass and after 4 years of working with a 5DII, I was hoping to upgrade to something D800e like. Unfortunately, the upgrades to the 5DIII were targeted exclusively at the action, event, video crowd (better AF, faster frame rate, slightly better low light, and expanded video capability). From a pure image quality perspective, the 5DIII gains less than a half stop noise improvement, actually has a slightly lower dynamic range than the 5DII, and gains little in resolution. For the level of upgrade, I believe Canon overreached with the price, which is reflected in the early discounts found online. If Canon makes their high resolution, high dynamic range camera in a $9k 1 series body only, then it’s no contest. The Canon system goes and in comes Nikon. And, as EricB stated, if I were to spend that kind of coin on a body, I’d rather consider the Pentax 645D. I’m not sure where Canon’s marketing department is headed, but I think they’re alienating a large segment of their user base.

    • Eugene Powers says

      5D3 has 1/2 stop better in low light over 5d2 but not D800.
      Don’t look per pixel noise. Look per fix size noise. With 60% more pixels at the same print size D800 has 1 stop less noise because noise is smaller just like a pixel size.
      I sold 5D2 for D800e and it is like day and night. 25600 ISO, no problem. Setting at 3200 without even thinking about it. Only using 100 ISO when I need slow shutter speed or too much light. 2 OOF pictures out 1000 average using any focus points unlike 5D2 250 if using outer points.
      For 9K I can buy 3 D800. If I need to go higher in rez I can always stitch.
      Don’t want 46mp all the time. 36mp is more than good enough.

  3. zahid says

    With better dynamic range and higher res, Why would I shoot with 5D II any more…cost is always manageable if the results are mind-blowing

  4. Jerry says

    I’m with Eugene, this is no contest. If Canon cannot produce a high mega pixel model in the same price range as the D800E they will loose large numbers of users and certainly not draw more new buyers. As a Canon user for the last 6 years I have been looking forward to a landscape camera for large prints and at first was looking at the 5D Mrk III, but the Canon is no match for the D800/E and they sell for the same price! Since I do not have a large inventory of Canon L lenses I have no reason to stay with Canon!

  5. richard says

    the first thing nikon needs to do is too correct that ugly “GREEN MONSTER” of a screen……….that thing is UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLY

  6. Hardin says

    Do we understand photography ? Is it about the camera or the photographer? Can you really justify the cost for some of these cameras unless you are a professional making boat loads of money. The test done with Nikons D-800 and Hassablads expensive camera showed little difference in photo quality.

    • says

      Hardin, it’s not just about whether or not a D800 nearly provides the same image quality as a Hasselblad. There’s far more to shooting medium format than that. One glaring advantage is sync speed. Using Mamiya, the Hy6, etc., you can take advantage of leaf shutter lenses and better freeze action during the day while using strobes at 1/1000 or 1/1600 as opposed to a D800 at 1/250 which yields nothing but blur.

      There are very good reasons why some people pay a lot of money for certain equipment.


  7. zahid says

    Can anyone tell me if the canon L series even have good enough resolution to justify putting in 46Mpix res sensor at the 24x36m frame size? Also I though they all add anti-aliasing filter in the front of the sensor for the Bayer pattern and how will that work on such a small pixel size?

    Is this sensor backlit CMOS sensor! I thought these were good for Cell phones to get more light to the well but had noise and cross talk issues but because of the small pixel size, were great for cheap cell phone cameras!
    Would love to hear fro imaging experts if they have feel for the above !