More Canon Big Megapixel DSLR Rumors

Canon 1 Series Rumors

Rumors for Canon’s upcoming high MP DSLR suggest that it will essentially be on the same level as a Canon 1-Series DSLR according to the latest tips coming in at Northlight Images.  However, there is still no solid info on whether the camera would carry a 1-Series designation alongside the 1D X and 1D C.

Recall that earlier rumors pointed to a 46MP full frame DSLR to be unveiled at PhotoPlus in October 2012 and it was previously rumored to be dubbed the 3D; however, that naming designation no longer seems to hold water.

Canon High MP DSLR Rumored Specs

  • 46.1MP
  • 5fps
  • 16-bit RAW files
  • ISO 100-12800

Additionally, the tipster warned that there would be a long wait time between any “preview” of the camera (presumably at PhotoPlus 2012) and the final product’s launch.



  1. says

    High megapixels are nice, but low noise and shadow detail is far more important to me (I shoot a lot in nightclubs). With current megapixel counts we are able to deliver images that can be blown up to billboard size, so improvements should come in other areas.