Canon 44.7MP DSLR Due at End of August?

Canon 1D C

Another source has sent me info (thanks) on Canon’s next DSLR, stating that it won’t be the 75MP+ behemoth undergoing field testing now. Instead, the source claims Canon will launch a DSLR with a 44.7MP sensor (8192 x 5462) that provides 4K cinema capability without bayer artifacts, and can do UHDTV with a slight crop.

The challenge with the new camera has been to develop the processing speed to stream the video at full bandwidth while not chewing through batteries. The source further tells me that this is actually a conservative move for Canon; however, it s more important to provide solid image quality in the dynamic range area with no banding than to load up the resolution, as would be the case with the 75MP+ camera that is also being tested.

Additionally, the camera will have a dedicated port for attaching an electronic viewfinder. While the source wasn’t exactly clear on this point, it seems that this may be some type of proprietary connection for attaching a viewfinder or monitor that is not an HDMI or SDI output.

Given the emphasis on 4K video capture and other features, it seems like this Canon DSLR will be heavy on the video features and may be the next foray into the EOS Cinema lineup – possibly a step up from the 1D C and the second camera in this DSLR-style Cinema camera.

Of course, that’s not to say we won’t see that 75MP+ DSLR at some point in the future (or at least a later generation of that sensor); however, for now, the word is that this 44.7MP DSLR will be announced at the end of August.

This is a new source; however, the logic of this camera and the info provided seems reasonable and a little more in line with recent rumors of the next pro DSLR from Canon. If this is the real deal, expect to hear lots more about it over the next few weeks leading up to the announcement.

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  1. skfla500 says

    If I was a video nut-sorry, if I was a Canon video nut- or a high $$ consumer I would get excited over just the thought of thing. But alas, even if its true I’d have to wait 4 or 5 years & then hope to pick it up on CL. Or may from a divorced woman who blames her ex’s photo addiction for their marriage going down in flames & wants to sell it for peanuts to spite the poor (but VERY artistic) guy…