Red Dragon Upgrade

In what is probably the wildest thing I have seen thus far at NAB 2013, RED has built a ridiculous clean room for its engineers to perform Dragon camera builds on the show floor – complete with windows for spectators to watch the magic happen.

Red Dragon Upgrade-4

For a little background, EPIC and SCARLET owners also have the option to upgrade their cameras’ sensors to the 6K Dragon sensor for around $10k. The upgrade program has finally begun with quite the spectacle here at NAB 2013. The EPIC-M Dragon starts at $29k.

Check out the rest of the images below for a closer look at this impressive process. [click to continue…]

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RED Scarlet

Following Canon’s announcement of the new EOS C300 cinema camera, RED announced details that the long-awaited Scarlet will be getting a 5K sensor, but will only capture 4K motion up to 25fps.  The price is $9750.

To be clear, the Scarlet has the same sensor size and dimensions as the EPIC.  The processing power, however, is where the limitations lie at.  If you are shooting cinema at 24p though, this is the cheapest and highest resolution you’ll find by a long shot.

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November 3 (that’s tomorrow folks) is shaping up to be an epic day for camera news.  RED’s Jim Jannard has let loose a bit of a teaser on the RED Scarlet, which will be officially (re?)-unveiled tomorrow. [click to continue…]

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The fabled RED Scarlet just keeps getting sexier – particularly now that they’ve uploaded some 120fps footage shot with a Scarlet prototype in a hairy lighting setup. [click to continue…]

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Jim Jannard dropped a random “update” post in RED’s news feed today.  In it, he spoke about the future of RED and the harsh criticism sometimes tossed at the company. [click to continue…]

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The yet-to-be-released, Red Scarlet S35, has been redubbed by Red Leader, Jim Jannard, as the EPIC Light.  As he puts it, the price and features have changed as well.

The Scarlet S35 was originally announced in late 2008 and was spec’d with a 5120 x 2700 resolution Super 35 sensor that would capture 5k footage at 30 fps (w/ 72fps burst rates).  The initial price point for the Scarlet S35 was $7000 for the body (brain) only and would be available in Canon, Nikon, Red and PL mount options.

No word on the revised specs or price; however, according to Jannard, we should know something next week.

[RedUser.net via PhotoRumors]

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