RED Goes Head-to-Head with Canon’s Big Nov. 3 Announcement

RED Scarlet

It’s no secret that Canon is announcing something big on November 3.  That “something” is expected to be some kind of pro-level cinema camera.  Of course, we won’t know for sure until Nov. 3.

However, RED apparently knows enough to go head-to-head with Canon’s announcement.  Jarred Land (aka Fire Chief at RED) posted news yesterday that RED’s Scarlet will ship before the end of the year.  The RED faithful then exploded with follow-up posts seeking more details.

Land answered with a post stating, “Details will come. Just not yet. We are very conscious of our competition,” which stirred the pot even more.

In response to another forum member’s statement that they didn’t really know what Scarlet meant at this point, Land said, “Nov. 3rd.. :)”

The RED vs. Canon debate grew exponentially at that point until some questioned whether RED was selling the Scarlet to Canon, or whether RED was really going head-to-head with Canon on Canon’s big date.

Jim Jannard then responded, “Head to head…”  And later, “Canon announces… we announce. The best one wins.”

Then the taunting started with Jarred Land stating, “We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.”

For those unfamiliar, the RED Scarlet is essentially the junior version of the RED Epic, which sports an S35 sensor (close to APS-C sized).  When it was first announced, the Scarlet was supposed to be available with an S35 sensor (dubbed the Scarlet S35).  Those plans were altered when RED announced it was renaming the Scarlet S35 as the Epic Light.

Now, the Scarlet model(s) appear that they will only sport a smaller, 2/3″ image sensor more akin to a camcorder and, thus, lacks the ability to get that cinematic-looking depth of field.  Additionally, the lens mount options have been reduced and, currently, the only announced plans are to make it available with a fixed 8x zoom lens.

I suspect that Jannard and Co. have something special planned for the rest of their announcement on November 3.

Whatever the case, November 3 is going to be an interesting day for cinematographers.  Stay tuned for the latest.



  1. says

    While I don’t shoot a lot of video (I am a much better editor than a shooter) I just can’t wait to see what these guys come up with. This will definitely be a fun day.

  2. Dave says

    I get a kick out of watching a company dig it’s own interment hole. Pride, arrogance, elitism, and just a general disdain for people in the DSLR filmmaking camp (read, not so wealthy, but talented) leads me to believe that we’ll be seeing this Red company give up the ghost in short order. I like watching that happen when it’s justified.
    Red HAD to disrespect Canon to keep up with their already tarnished image, and to show how well a company of 5-year-olds can “bazooka” the “big dogs”. And to think, the vapor of Scarlet has been floating around for years now, and they are forced to make good on it in short order simply because Canon is going to eat their lunch…politely, I might add.
    Red you are nothing but HYPE, and I don’t care about your cameras. Put ME on your list Jannard, I beg you.

  3. kopial says

    Initially I thought RED was a nobody and sells just as good stuff with a lot more hype. But if they’re really serious about getting head-to-head with Canon & they know they can challenge Canon in terms of technology, quality & PRICE. They’re most welcomed to do so in this arena. Well, the only thing that pushed Canon & Nikon so far is Sony’s mirrorless…now with RED playing another side of the battle, it will just get better for us consumers. Good one RED, keep up the fight.

  4. Janis says

    I understand today that the Red Camera & Sunglass Company will be announcing its dissolution and going-out-of-business on November 3, 2011. After just 12 short years of being in the forefront of nowhere, and coming out with absolutely nothing worth mentioning. Or at least making incessant announcements of it.

    So sad to see them go already.