Canon 47MP DSLR Coming This Fall?

Canon EOS 1S

The big megapixel rumors from Canon keep coming. The latest rumors, which actually line up with specs introduced last year, point to a 47MP Canon DSLR to be introduced in September/October 2013 with an actual release set at a later date.

Of course, the camera is expected to be a full frame model and likely carry the 1-series badge as a flagship model and likely reside above the 1D X in both price and status. Previous naming rumors suggested that it would be dubbed the Canon EOS 1S.

I tend to agree that it is probably time to drop the “D” from the Canon DSLR naming scheme…

Now, where’s that Canon 70D and 7D Mark II?

[via CR and Northlight]



  1. Dan says

    Only if Canon can fix the shadow noise and improve dynamic range. Otherwise, forget it. Megapixels by themselves mean so little. Megapixels with great dynamic range and low shadow noise even at high ISO is an awesome proposition and one that the Nikon D800 made possible.

  2. Chris Liebenebrg says

    Why is Canon playing catch-up? Nikon has already got a 36MP camera and the best Canon can do is 22MP while the average is 18MP. Nikon has 2 memory cards in most of their top cameras and Canon only in 2 models. I’m a Canon user. Canon you are loosing the plot!

    • says

      I’m looking forward to the new Canon bodies having USB-3, dual card slots, and greater dynamic range. Above all else, I’m wanting better autofocus. That’s the only thing I dislike about my 5D MkII.

  3. dick ranez says

    OK – ten grand for a 40Mp camera, not bad when compared to Hasselblad, Mamiya, etc. And the big “advantage’ in L lenses that can still work with lesser bodies. Now add the six grand
    for a new Mac, another $600 for a new version of Photoshop that will handle that, a new
    $2000 monitor with the high resolution and upgrading my data connection to handle bigger
    files. I’m not sure my budget will support or my artistic “vision” will require twenty grand in

  4. Jerry says

    Unless this camera is no more than $3500.00 and as Dan says has much better dynamic range and elimination of the typical Canon noisy shadows it is a waste of time. Up grading the Canon 5D Mrk III to handle these issues and more mega pixels in line with the competition would be great and might keep me from moving to Nikon, but I don’t see this happening Canon has lost sight of the market in this instance!

  5. Eugene Powers says

    Canon rumors spreaders. Give up already!!!!! Not going to happen. Smart people already left and stupid people are still hoping. 47mp in 1D body would go for $12K. Who in the wild, wild world of sports are going to buy it? Few nutcases maybe and that is it.