Peter Read Miller: Sports Photography is About the Gear

Ok, that title is a bit of a generalization of his statement; however, in this video from Kelby Media, Peter Read Miller says that the number one shortcoming of people coming to his workshops looking to improve their sports photography is their gear.

While the video has a little bit of an infomercial feel with regard to the Canon 7D Mark II, I can’t really fault any of his comments about gear and sports photography. You can fake a lot of other types of photography with cheaper gear; however, fast glass, fast AF, low light performance and high frame rates all provide an advantage in sports photography – and that costs money.

I’ve got high hopes for the 7D Mark II and everything that I’ve seen thus far backs those hopes up. I’m looking forward to seeing the camera in person and putting it through its paces.


Canon 7D Mark II Official Sample Photos and Videos

7D Mark II Official Sample Photos

Canon has posted official sample photos and videos for the new 7D Mark II.

The full resolution photos are available to download; however, the video files are limited to 960 x 540 and look terrible when full-screened. That said, I continue to be impressed with the image quality that I have seen from the 7D Mark II sample images thus far.

Check them all out here on Canon’s website.

Canon 7D Mark II AF-Setting Guidebook Now Available

Canon 7D Mark II Guidebook

Canon USA has released a new guidebook for setting up the AF system on the new Canon 7D Mark II. The guidebook is 50 pages long and goes into great depth of nothing but the 7D Mark II’s impressive AF system. After looking through the guidebook, it makes the 7D Mark II look even more like a professional camera.

You can download the guidebook here on Canon USA’s website. What most impresses you about the new AF system in the 7D Mark II?