Yuneec Gets a $60M Investment from Intel for the Drone Wars Ahead

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K

The drone industry is one of the major emerging gadget markets for in visual media right now (360° video and VR is the other big one). So far, the drone industry has been dominated by DJI, which recently received a $75M investment on what could be a $10B valuation. So yeah, the drone market is huge and is still just getting started.

Earlier this year, we saw 3D Robotics surge into direct competition with DJI when 3DR launched its Solo drone at NAB. On the edge of the radar though, Yuneec Aviation has started catching looks with what appears to be a very mature product line in its Typhoon Q500+ and Q500 4K models. Earlier this week, Yuneec added to the Typhoon line with the GoPro-toting Typhoon G.

To make things even more interesting for a third major player in the drone market, Yuneec received a $60M investment from Intel Capital last week. [Read more…]


Elinchrom Unveils Four New Litemotiv Softboxes

Elinchrom Litemotiv Softboxes

Elinchrom has announced four new softboxes for its Litemotiv range. The new softboxes include:

These Litemotiv softboxes are compatible with all Elinchrom flash heads, including Quadra heads with the Quadra Reflector Adapter MKII. Additionally, the softboxes will accept Profoto flash heads with the EL to Profoto adapter.

They range in price from $1169 to $1420. You can them, along with the new Elinchrom Litemotiv Parabolics here at B&H Photo.