New Canon DSLR on August 26

According to Kamera & Bild, who claims to have notice of the press conference, Canon will be dropping the bombshell on August 26th.  The only question is whether the new EOS will be the Canon 3D, 5D Mark II, 6D, 7D or some other model (or two).

Photography Bay will stay on top of the news and rumors to the bitter end and beyond.  Stay tuned.



  1. Bryce says

    Doesn’t count as news seeing as that is the MIDDLE of PHOTOKINA. Anyone who kmows anything knows photokina was the announcement time for 5d successor and the mystery cam.

  2. says

    @Bryce – Actually, Photokina takes place September 23-28. So, if this Canon announcement date is true, it will be a month earlier.

  3. Bryce says

    @Eric. I stand corrected. I saw 26th and didn’t pay attention to the month. I then stand by my standard argument that canon has never announced some awesome product at some random date. The Only announcement date that I could consider believing is the day before the olympics. Though it’s all going to be the standard leak a week or 2 before and then the announcment at photokina.

  4. Anders says

    When I read Kamera & Bild’s article, I think they talked about two dates, August 26th as a first info, September 22nd as the second date for information from Canon.

  5. t says

    the 50D specs and pics are leaked, so if anything it won’t be the 5D successor… at any rate, we will see tomorrow ))