Canon 7D

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Canon 7D

canon elan 7Like the Canon 3D, the Canon 7D is a fictional camera that has been stirring in the rumor mill for some time now.  In the months leading up to PMA 2008, the rumor mill has kicked it up a notch with speculations of the introduction of a lower-end 5D camera – the 7D.  The Canon EOS 7 and 7n were part of 35mm Elan series that’s been around since 1991.  The 7-series camera were the prosumer SLRs of the 35mm film era, which I would classify in or around the same slot as the 20D-40D series cameras in the DSLR realm.  One of the cool features of the 7e and 7ne was an eye-controlled focus option.  “The Eye Controlled Focus System tracks the glance of the eye, integrating composition and focus into one uninterrupted step. Canon’s fastest Eye Control system to date, it works whether the camera is oriented horizontally or vertically.” (Canon)

Like all of the other unannounced cameras that you see on Photography Bay, these are just rumors and speculations of a Canon 7D.  However, there’s been enough buzz on the fabled 7D to start consolidating these rumors and keeping tabs on the latest ones.  For example, see this most recent post about a Canon DSLR that’s a step up from the 40D and a “direct hit” to Nikon’s D300.

As always, stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest rumors of the Canon 7D.


2/3/09: Rumors of a 15.1 megapixel 7D due Fall 2009. Read more.



  1. says

    Better focus system than the 30/40/50D
    At last some built in wireless flash operation.
    As there are no good examples of the high ISO abilities its yet to be judged.