Canon 3D

The clamor for a digital version of the popular Canon EOS 3 film camera has been around for quite a while.  It has continued to grow over the past 2.5 years that the Canon 5D has been around.  Leading up to PMA 2008, rumors of a 5D Mark II also brought more speculation of the fabled Canon 3D.  I’m not saying that a 3D is coming at PMA or anytime for that matter. However, there have been enough rumors floating around that I’ve decided to set up a dedicated page to follow the Canon 3D.

For now, have a look at this recent rumor for the 15MP full frame 3D:

15.1 MP (full frame)
14 bit
1 Digic III
Iso 100 to 6400(up to 12800)
AF like 1Dmk III
3 fps
3 inch screen
A sort of smaller 1D body,with integrated grip but not rear lcd panel
1 slot flash card

Additionally, more recent rumors suggest a step up from the 40D (not quite 5D level specs) may appear at PMA.  Whether this would be the 3D remains to be seen; however, based on Canon’s prior model history, the 3D should be reside in between the 5D and the 1-series.  If this rumor is true, then it would more than likely be something more like the Canon 7D.  (Read More)


7/6/09 – Rumors of an Summer 2009 release. (Read more)



  1. says

    This sounds exactly what I have been waiting for. I currently use a Canon 30D, and have some nice L lenses (85F1.2 17-40F4 and 400F4.5)

    I really want to use my 17 and 85mm at full frame to get the correct width (especially the 17)

    The specs here sound perfect, and being as I do a lot of band photography, ISO 12800 sounds interesting :)

    Put me down for one :)

  2. says

    Hi, i`d realy love to see this cam in the near future.
    But i can not belive this.
    There is one little thing, that makes me think, this must be a fake.
    If you zoom in the Batteriegrip, you gonna see something that is realy hard to understand. It looks like the edge of the grip is copied to the middle of the grip. Directly under the JAPAN Sign in the Lense!
    So i am realy Sorry, but i see this faked! :-(

  3. says

    offcourse its a fake!!!!! Have a look at the canon website, now!!! And u will see a camera that looks like the replacement or equal of the Canon 5D.. Like Canon did with there film cameras by adding a the EOS 3 and discountinuing the EOS 5, they will probably do the same for there digital line up. More so as the 40D had been replaced by a much improved 50D for semi pros and serious amatuers alike. So my bets are on a new 3D with same 15.1MP as 50D, just with full frame. Just wish they would hurry the hell up!!! SHould be just before Christmas, would be pointless just after!

  4. Dasher says

    So much for speculations ;) The new 5D blows these specs out of the water. There isn’t much room between the 5D and 1D/1Ds for anything else. Speed is taken care of by the 1D, resolution A and FF by the 1Ds.

    A logical step would be a high fps, “lower” resolution FF 1D version and a high fps APS-H placed between the 50D and 5D. This way you get a set of 1-series sports/studio models (1D/1Ds) and a set of semi-pro (8D/5D) sports/studio models.