Nikon D900

Not a Nikon D900 Seriously? Another Nikon model number? I think we may now have more “rumored” camera models from Nikon than current generation models. We’ve seen rumors about the D90, D800, D3x and now the D900.

The only reason the Nikon D900 is getting the light of day here is because Thom Hogan is leaning toward a D900 model over the introduction of a D3x. He said:

I’m going to go a different direction: no D3x. Yes, a 24mp FX body, but it’ll be the D900. This allows them to use the Sony sensor and bring it downscale to compete with the A900/5DII.

Thom’s usually got a pretty good ear to the ground on these things, so there may very well be something to the D900 (or maybe a D800).



  1. LAI Siu-kwong says

    there wouldn’t be much improvement over D3 of D700 except 24m pixels with stronger (says quad) processors. Therefore Nikon would not rush to introduce it not until Sony or Canon have trigger the next competition over full frame sector.

  2. Manfred Sauer-Nideggen says

    I fully agree from a marketing-related point of view as well as a user that a semi-professional SLR with 21-24 MB is needed.
    Parameters are changing because of economic crisis, ongoing chip-evolution and new competition like Sony’s Alpha 900.
    As a Nikon consumer for over 25 years, I had been waiting for the D3 but was quite disappointed because of its poor resolution. Now I am disppointed again because of the target pricing for the new D3x.
    I am not sure if I could wait another year for a D900 or whatsoever because there exists already an alternative: Canon 5D II.

  3. Chris says

    I have been waiting for a year now for Nikon to compete with Sony & Canon in the $3,000.00 price range. Here is Nikons price range right now, $1,500.00 and below & $6,000.00 and above. I have been holding out & waiting for Nikon to offer a 20+ mp and FX in the $3,000.00 price range, and please no Video…while I know some people want that…they offer plenty of models now under $1500.00 with Video. I am a Photographer and I would rather see extra Photography fetures on my camera then have Video. I am buying a new Camera in the Spring of 2010 and I want to stick with Nikon, but if they don’t come out with a camera to compete with Sony or Canon in the $3,000.00 price range then I will have to leave the Nikon family and move to Canon or Sony…..but I really want to stick in the Nikon family…so please Nikon….make the D900…please, please, please…I have been waiting a year already.

  4. Jim says

    @ Chris – Same here.. Long time Nikon user, but after a year of waiting for a competitor to Canon’s 21mp 5DmII I’ve only seen low-end hobby cameras like the D3000s or the out of reach (at least for me) D3x. It’s obvious that Nikon can put out a 21mp FX camera at $3,000 (with or without HD video), but they simply won’t. Why pay $2,700 for an already outdated 12mp dslr when you can get 21mp & video for the same amount with another brand? If the D900 comes in at only 16-18mp and more expensive than the D700, does that really make sense? By Spring 2010 I’ll be getting a 5DmII

  5. says

    i am laughing reading this – how can you guys change your whole system for one camera? cos its either over priced or doesn’t offer 21 MP?

  6. Souelle says

    The 5D MKII is not a solution for me, having try a 3 different 5D MKII they all exhibit horrible banding strating at iso 3200 in dark area. I prefer to stay with my D700 and see what the D900 will do in low light. The D3X was not as good as the D3 and D700 in that area, so let’s wait and see.

  7. says

    I have a Nikon D700, I am a old fasioned pro photographer, I use only Nikon AI Lenses.
    I work with Fuji GX680, Hasselblad and Nikon and must say the Nikons are good Pro cameras, as are canons. I like canons more for their high contrast pictures, and I like Nikons more for their color precision.

    But certainly I would not compare a sony or Panasonic with a nikon. This are flimsy cameras, they are no really suited for professinal use in factories, kindergardens and dayly use.

    Beside the picture quality, a pro needs to make sharp pictures all the time, so the equipment has to be strong, heavy, long lasting and in good quality.

    Thats what counts for me, and Nikon is doing there a pretty good job.
    The Hassleblad backs are picture wise better still far from working as reliable as Nikon slrs.

    cHEERS, lISA

  8. Robert Malcolm says

    D700 is a fine balance of weight and performance. I hardly ever carry my MB-D10, as 5fps and 2500 shots from 1 charge is plenty good, especially as I usually shoot things that don’t move – at all!

    I’d considered a D3, but waited for the 700, which has more tricks than I’ll ever need and is a perfect foil to my F5 (yes, I still use film).

    D800/900? Who cares? I don’t expect to upgrade for about 3 years, when the dynamic range of digital might be approaching film. Then the F5 might be retired.