Nikon D700x / D800

It didn’t take long after the announcement of the Nikon D700 for rumors of the next big thing to take center stage.  Aside from the Nikon D3x and D90 rumors, many sites and forums have begun to report on rumors of a Nikon D800 at 24+ megapixels.  I’m not sure where the Nikon D800 rumors began; however, there doesn’t really seem to be any credible evidence thus far.

Most of the info on the Nikon D800 seems to come from Nikon Rumors, who to their credit have been digging up mocked up images and rumors from their readers.  However, this recent entry shows off some copy take from the September issue of Chasseurs d’Images.  The article seems to discuss (it’s in French) the coming Nikon full frame camera in light of the Sony A900, which is bound to be announced around Photokina.  The article mentions the Nikon D800:

dont celle d’un Nikon D800, qui n’est pas qu’une rumeur.

Google’s translator says this means:

including a Nikon D800, which is not just a rumor.

However, at least one human translator says the end phrase should translate as:

. . . which is nothing more than a rumor.

Anyone that’s fluent in French feel free to clear this article up a bit in the comments below.


2/3/09: Rumors of a PMA 2009 release to compete with the 5D Mark II.  Read more.


  1. Fabien says

    “including a Nikon D800, which is not just a rumor.”
    is the right translation.
    It’s also written that the Sony 24 Megapixel Full frame Sensor may be found inside other cameras “including a Nikon D800, which is not just a rumor.”

  2. chelmi says

    The appropriate translation is definitely “which is not just a rumor.”

    The french for “which is nothing more than a rumor” would be “qui n’est qu’une rumeur” or “qui n’est rien de plus qu’une rumeur”.

    The full sentence says :
    “We expect to see it’s [speaking of the a900] sensor in other bodies… amongst which the Nikon D800, which is not just a rumor”.

  3. Dynax7 says

    Gee… This story has been cleared up in Nikon Rumors comments long ago.

    I am definitely French and I can definitely tell you that “qui n’est pas qu’une rumeur.” translates into “which is not just a rumor”.Period.

    Thanks for sharing the info ;)

  4. Antoine says

    Hi !
    I’m french, “dont celle d’un Nikon D800, qui n’est pas qu’une rumeur.” means “including a Nikon D800, which is not just a rumor.”.
    Chasseur d’image is one of the biggest photo magazine in france (or the biggest).


  5. says

    Actually, the article says that the “D3x” will in fact not use that brand. At the bottom of the article there is a mention to the 24Mpx D800 but then dismisses is as “only a rumor”

  6. hop says

    I’m french and the right translation is the first (which is not just a rumor).

    The human translator is WRONG ;)

  7. pikkell says

    I’m from Quebec (Canada) and am married to a French woman.

    Correct translation: “…nothing but a rumour”

  8. Franck says

    I’m French too, and I do confirm “which is not just a rumor” too. Enrique, Google translator is right this time, and did not confuse terms, sorry :-)

  9. Hulk says

    In the same magazine, same page, there is a text about Canon, and its author is really not optimist about Canon’s hability to show up at Photokina with a rival body to D700 or D900.

  10. Kachaner says

    I’m French also and I’m a reader of Chasseur d’Images since couple of decades. I can’t remember any example where they were wrong about what they says.

  11. Adam says

    “…qui n’est pas qu’une rumeur” = “…which is not just a rumour”
    “…qui n’est qu’une rumeur” = “…which is just a rumour”

    I don’t know – the whole sense of the phrase being changed by adding a single word. That’s so typical of the French language.

    What do you mean, English is just as bad? :)

  12. Maximilian says

    Hi everybody,

    Please don’t be offended, and I know I’m kinda late, but reading this thread made me laugh. Typical of the Internet :-)

    Let’s recap:

    So we have two guys, one called “Antoine”, the other “Fabien” (sounds French, doesn’t it?). Also we have a couple of other people who explicitely say they’re French. Wouldn’t this lead one to believe we have a bunch of actual, real, 100%, original French people here? And they all give the exact same translation of a French sentence. Unequivocal – absolutely no doubt about it.

    *Hours later* a guy with a Spanish-sounding name pops in and claims the opposite. No offense please – I’m Italian, and I know that the name by itself doesn’t mean a thing. French may still be his mother tongue. But it does make me grin anyway :-). Same thing with another guy, whose qualification is that he’s married to a French-speaking lady. Now this is a good thing, of course, congratulations! But how can you assume this fact makes people believe your knowledge of French is better than those French guys’?

    Really funny :-)

    OK, that was it, sorry about that intermezzo.

    Ciao ragazzi, fate i bravi.


  13. Olivier says

    Good Conclusion Maximilian.
    I am fench like many other guys who posted here and no offense to the Canadian but the right translation is: “which is not just a rumour”

    If you read the article quickly, it can be misleading

  14. bruno says

    I’m french, and i confirm that the right sentence is : which is not just a rumor”
    By the way i want to the FNAC (shop in France) today and a seller told me that a D800 would probably arrive within 3 to 4 month (from a nikon source.) Don’t know if it’s true.

  15. lolwut says

    Um.. who cares about the translation. It’s a fake. Yes the D800 will be next in line…. No this picture is not real, therefore, making the whole thing a fake.

    Common people… who makes a body with the vertical buttons without the vertical grip? Think about it.. would Nikon be that stupid?

  16. Slappy says

    Personally, I’m a fan of the two lens release buttons and the two depth of field preview buttons.

  17. Kevin says

    Uhm, I’m not French. But for lolwut, I know exactly that Nikon D3 has vertical buttons without the grip?

  18. Melomind says

    Is it so vital whether it’s a rumor or not just a rumor?! Will it affect your today’s photography?! LOL Total OffTopic =)))

  19. MaX in MD says

    I’m looking to purchase a D700 to upgrade my gear.
    If I’m going to invest in a D700, why would not consider a D3?
    Your thoughts.

  20. says

    Many are waiting for the Nikon D700 REPLACEMENT. The Canon Mark 5DII capabilities and price must be countered by Nikon! We care about what the French and all the rest of the world thinks. 1080 video can be really amazing. I own movie cameras. I have also owned some amazing high end still film cameras. Yet looking back on my images…some of the best shots were taken with Nikons. Big format might look good on a wall sized prints. I ran out of walls for that many years ago. I can walk into large photo labs and airports and see some of my photos….but for many today it matters how they look on a 40 to 55 inch HDTV screen, or a page in a pro photo book. Some of the world’s best looking images ever taken were taken on 35mm and would look just as great shot on a Nikon D700, D90, or hopefully the D700 replacement.

  21. says

    Well, I’m not French, and I haven’t had French since high school, but I read that phrase as… ‘which is not BUT a rumor’

    in other words, ‘is nothing more than a rumor’


  22. Francesco Cacudi says

    The exact translation, sorry for somebody else, is that “it’s just a rumor”. Otherwise it would be worded “qui n’est pas SEULEMENT un rumeur”

  23. Adindeu says

    Yucckkkks ! The above picture is ugly. I own D2X and cannot imagine how you can grip comfortably with that kind of vertical grip profile! The front portion of the vertical grip is just plain un-gripable !!

  24. Sergio says

    Ha! I’m not French or do I know any French and I say it translates to, “which is not just a rumour” because I want it to ;-)

  25. says

    Funny how this camera was suspected over a year ago, and still not announcement. Now is saying spring of 2011.

    Anyone know if they held back the camera from production in order to pack it with more features, or if people just got the date wrong? Either way, Based on the advances in the D7000, I’m sure the D800 will be a much anticipated, and eagerly sought after product.

    Saving my dollars….

  26. david distefano says

    the book everyone talks nikon d800 about is still on uk but they have a new release date of may 4 2011

  27. Eugene Heeger says

    I am a Canadian….and not from Quebec! They lost their french accents and french grammar centuries ago, when they settled in Upper Canada and were colonized by the British. I would not count on Quebec french or Quebec english for any translation. They can neither speak or translate either language correctly! I suggest that we all go with the GOOGLE translation! hehehe!!!