Sony A900 Reviews and Resources

The Sony A900 was officially unveiled on September 9, 2008. The A900 is the first 24.6 megapixel DSLR, making it a class leader at the time of its release. The DSLR-A900 body will be available in November for about $3,000.

It is available from the following trusted online retailers: (A900 body only)

B&H Photo (A900 body only)

Adorama (A900 body only)

Ritz (A900 body only)

Editor’s Note:  Although Photography Bay was promised delivery of a review copy of the Sony A900 prior to launch of the camera, none has been provided and, therefore, I have yet to publish a review of the A900.  Sony has not communicated a reason why they have failed to deliver one and I’m afraid I will not be able to provide a proper review of the camera in the foreseeable future as my most recent inquiries have essentially gone unanswered.  I do hope that this situation is unique to us and does not indicate some development or shipping issues with Sony.  From what I’ve read and seen thus far, the A900 appears to be a capable first endeavor in the pro-level arena for Sony. I apologize to Photography Bay readers and, hopefully, this situation will rectify itself before long.  In the mean time, I have provided for your consideration links to a number of reviews of the A900 below.

Sony A900 Key Features

  • 24.6 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Dual BIONZ Image Processing Engine
  • Intelligent Preview
  • 100% Viewfinder, 0.74x Magnification
  • 3.0″, 921,000 Dot Xtra Fine LCD
  • 9-point Center Dual-cross AF
  • 5 fps Continuous Shooting
  • SteadyShot Inside

Sony A900 Reviews

Alpha Mount World

In the end, what the A900 does, it does exceptionally well,and in my opinion is the finest Sony camera ever made (as of todays date). I hold no reservation in that conclusion.


Overall, noise is probably one of the A900’s weakest areas considering that anything beyond 400 means a visible decline in image quality as a result of obvious noise.

Digital Camera Info

The Sony A900 delivers excellent image resolution at 24.6-megapixel resolution, paving the way for substantial cropping and large-format prints.

PDN Gear Guide

No other camera aside, perhaps, from the 21.1 Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III has produced such rich, luscious, and true-to-life tones in good lighting as the A900.


Its viewfinder is the best you’ll find south of medium format, the build is incredibly robust, the controls are intuitive, with some of them – such as the dedicated Histogram button, the metering mode knob or the well-implemented rear joystick – being close to pure genius.


A good first try at a pro-level camera, the Sony Alpha DSLR-A900 has the high resolution but unfortunately lacks some of the performance and usability you expect from a model in its price range.

Luminous Landscape

For those without major lens commitments to other brands the Sony A900 offers tremendous value for the money. In almost every objective test criteria measured on DxOMark the A900 comes in in the top two or three, and in many categories does so against camera either costing twice as much or offering half the resolution.


For an experienced photographer not married to another brand’s system, the A900 deserves a look. If you have even a modest stockpile of Konica Minolta lenses, then it demands your attention.

DP Review

No doubt about it, there is much to like about the Alpha 900 – from the quality of images it produces to the extensive control over image parameters and, as I’ve already mentioned, the excellent, intuitive and uniquely user-friendly handling.

Camera Labs

There’s no doubt the Sony Alpha DSLR-A900 delivers an impressive specification for the money, and one which stands-up well against its rivals. You get very high resolution images, quick continuous shooting, a superb viewfinder and built-in image stabilisation which works with any lens you attach.

The British Journal of Photography

Sony’s first full-format camera is designed to meet the needs of ambitious amateurs and semi-professionals. JPEG compression is perfectly balanced, and input dynamic range at high ISO speeds is excellent. Tonal reproduction focuses on instant image appeal (rather than something more neutral, which you see with more pro oriented cameras), and the sharpening is OK.


Bright, vivid and spacious viewfinder. Excellent in-camera image stabilization system. Easy no-menu adjustments with Fn button and multi-selector toggle. Killer price for the highest resolution, high functioning, easy to use DSLR.

Imaging Resource

If you want the most pixels in a small package, the Sony A900 is where you’ll find it. It’s bulky, but less so than the more expensive 1Ds Mark III, and that makes it easier to bring along. I enjoyed shooting with the 24-70mm f/2.8 Carl Zeiss so much that I recommend it if you can afford it.

Luminous Landscape (field report)

All things considered I’d have to give this camera a big thumbs up.

PopPhoto (hands-on preview)

All told, with the Alpha 900, Sony solidifies itself as a serious player that’s here to stay. So, we can definitely look forward to Sony building out its lines of lenses and accessories as it reaches for the same footing as Nikon and Canon.

Cnet (hands-on preview)

The bottom line is that when you look at shots from a camera in this class you should have at least a few “wow” moments and that hasn’t happened yet.

DP Review (hands-on preview)

As we started to dig a little deeper, pore over the fine print and actually use the Alpha 900 we were, however, increasingly surprised – and almost always pleasantly so – at some of the decisions made by Sony’s engineers when designing its flagship SLR.

Sony A900 With New 70-400mm

Sony A900 Press Release

Sony introduces Alpha A900

The world’s first full-frame 24.6 megapixel DSLR:

A900 delivers the unmatched image quality, creative expression and performance demanded by professional photographers

  • Superlative, detail-packed images from full-frame 24.6 effective megapixel CMOS sensor ExmorTM
  • Bright optical glass pentaprism viewfinder with 100% coverage
  • Enhanced SteadyShot INSIDE offers up to 4.0 steps anti-shake performance with α lenses
  • Ultra-sharp shooting responses and flawless, low-noise images from dual BIONZ image processor
  • Review images on High Resolution 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD
  • Fast, high-accuracy 9-point AF with 10 focus assist points
  • 5fps continuous shooting at full resolution 24.6 megapixels

The A900 digital SLR from Sony sets a new benchmark for serious photo enthusiasts who demand the unrivalled quality and creative possibilities of full-frame imaging.

The flagship of the Alpha digital SLR camera range features the industry’s first ever 24.6 effective megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. Developed by Sony, this groundbreaking sensor’s ultra-high pixel count and large size – equivalent to a 35mm film frame – deliver extraordinary image detail and wide dynamic range.

The new-generation sensor captures flawless images with unprecedented fidelity, characterised by vibrant colours, ultra-real textures and subtle tonal gradations. Complementing the extremely high native resolution of the sensor, Exmor performs on-chip analogue/digital (A/D) signal conversion and two-stage noise reduction. This guarantees ultra-low noise image files that take advantage of the superb resolving power of high-precision α lenses.

Realising the immense creative potential of the 24.6 megapixel full-frame sensor, the new advanced dual BIONZ processors handle massive amounts of image data at extremely high speed. Powerful noise reduction algorithms are applied prior to RAW data conversion and then again during image processing, yielding flawless, detail packed images with an absolute minimum of noise. The dual BIONZ processors also underpin the camera’s razor-sharp shooting responses, allowing sustained 5fps continuous shooting at full 24.6 megapixel resolution.

Serious photo enthuasiasts will appreciate the ground-glass optical pentaprism viewfinder that offers exceptional brightness and a field of view covering 100% of the full-frame sensor’s imaging area (approx.).

The camera’s uncompromising credentials are underlined by a fast, high-accuracy 9-point AF system to ensure fewer missed shots. It’s supplemented by 10 focus assist points to assist subject detection, improved out-of-focus detection to reduce focus hunting and a dedicated F2.8 sensor for enhanced AF accuracy with wide aperture lenses.

The A900 digital SLR camera is also the world’s first full-frame camera to feature SteadyShot INSIDE. This enhanced in-body optical stabilisation system delivers up to 4 steps of anti-shake correction with all compatible lenses*, opening up even greater creative possibilities when shooting handheld.

Shots can be evaluated critically on the 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD with an exceptionally high resolution (921k dot) that offers sharp, clear viewing – even outdoors or in bright ambient light. There’s a wide choice of index view options to simplify best-shot selection, plus a full-featured RGB histogram and shooting information display.

At the touch of a button, the LCD display switches to Quick Navi mode, allowing rapid on-the-fly adjustment of camera settings without disturbing your creative workflow.

A new Intelligent Preview function simulates the effect of White Balance, D‑Range Optimiser and exposure level on the LCD screen without actually taking a picture. By simple confirmation on the camera, all the new settings are applied to take the next picture. This simplifies precise control over the final image in complex setups.

Shots can also be viewed on a connected HD television. PhotoTV HD mode provides optimised still image viewing with breathtaking clarity and lifelike colours on compatible BRAVIA televisions. The HDMI terminal also give acces to HD picture viewing on any compatible TV.

Built for years of unstinting service in challenging environments, the A900 digital SLR camera is ruggedly constructed from a high-tensile aluminium chassis with magnesium alloy body panels. Viewfinder, card slots, controls and other sensitive areas are protected from dust and moisture by rubber seals for worry-free shooting. The inside of the camera is also protected by an anti-dust system that safeguards the full-frame sensor from the effects of dust entering the body during lens exchange.

Allowing stable, comfortable handling in portrait or landscape orientations, the optional VG-C90AM Vertical Grip holds up to two high-capacity batteries for extended shooting time and all the major controls are available in vertical holding for easy operation. The grip has also been designed in same high quality material as the A900 with magnesium alloy and rubber parts.

There’s now wide range of compatible α lenses to fully realise the incredible imaging potential of the camera’s full-frame sensor.

The choice of premium G series optics by Sony is joined by the high-power 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM telephoto, featuring a High-torque Super Sonic wave Motor for fast, silent AF operation.

Also from Carl Zeiss, the Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM is a fast, high-performance wide angle zoom that’s ideal for interiors, landscapes and challenging photo-reportage applications.

The complete α system is further strengthened by the new HVL-F58AM – a high-power flash (GN 58) featuring Sony’s innovative ‘Quick Shift Bounce’ system that offers even more creative control over lighting, flash and bounce angles. It’s unique ‘Quick Shift Bounce’ design make the flash head able to rotate instantly in portrait mode to keep the bounce direction for much more natural and beautiful subject lightning. For those using studio setups, Wireless Auto Flash Control also computes power ratios for up to three groups of flashes, simplifiying the management of complex lighting set-ups.

* Automatic crop factor is applied when DSLR-A900 is used with DT format lenses. Exposure accuracy is not guaranteed with DT lenses in certain shooting situations.



  1. Vincent McGoo says

    This from the guy who at first swore off the A700 due to the watercolor noise issue.

    Is there any blog this guy doesn’t show up in acting like a fanboy these days?

  2. Art H says

    I doubt the upcoming A900 (or whatever will be its official name) will compete with the 1DS MKIII, since Sony has not yet reached a point where they can command such high prices. Such a product will happen over the next 3-5 years, based on where they are at that point in time.

    I think Sony will introduce a Full-Frame competitor for the upcoming Full-frame Canon 5D MKII and also probably a potential Nikon Full-frame competitor in a D300 like body.

  3. Jason says

    Yeah, I’m sure Canon is sweating the Alpha line about as much a naked Eskimo in December.

    The A100 didn’t dethrone the XTi,
    The A200 won’t either,
    The A700 didn’t dethrone the 40D,
    The A900 won’t touch the 5D or 1Ds.

    You see, Sony, you shouldn’t have shown up so late. You wouldn’t have had to buy your way in like you did. KM??? Your mediocrity is revealed in your numbers? It really is. Wait. I have an idea. Let’s put Sony to a real world test. Fun, huh?

    Days on market:
    –> A100 = 596 days
    –> Xti = 516 days
    Difference = 80 more days for Sony

    –> A700 = 138 days
    –> 40D = 155 days
    Difference = 17 more days for Canon

    Ok, good stuff. So far we know just how long these have available for purchase.

    Now, if we include the unbiased information that you yourself can see right now at, we’ll know just how real the Sony threat is. I looked at the upload counts for each of these, did some math and here’s where Sony sits:

    In 596 days: 3,045,228 uploads for the A100. WOW! 5109 per day.
    In 516 days: 18,986,017 uploads for the XTi. 36794 per day. Hmmm.
    Another way to say this is 6.24 times as many uploads for the XTi.
    Yet another way to say this is 84% more uploads for the XTi.
    And still another way is that the A100 maybe just wasn’t the answer. You have to crawl before you can walk.

    Interesting, those extra 80 days and all. Maybe the A700 vs. 40D will work out better for you. Lets see!

    In 138 days: 81,224 uploads for the A700. Cool! 588 per day.
    In 155 days: 1,473,442 uploads for the 40D. 9506 per day.
    Another way to say this is 18.14 times as many uploads for the 40D.
    Yet another way to say this is 94.5% more uploads for the 40D.
    And still another way is that the A700 might not be the answer either. Maybe the A700 should think about crawling before walking, too. Oh wait, that’s exactly what it’s doing. Ha ha!

    I know, I know, the 40D has been out longer, good point.

    But all of this is OK, right guys? Just some things for you to think about though.

    For you Don, and I quote: “I may be in heaven sooner than I thought.” Well, I doubt it. And if take another look at those numbers, you might rethink your statement.

    And for you Sean, I’m not so sure you aren’t really the same person as Don. You seem to follow his posts ever so predictably. In any event, for you, and I quote: “Go Sony! Few more weeks to go.” Wooooooo!!!!!! Look out world! Sony’s on F-I-R-E. A few more to go for what? An A200 revolution? Quit it. It just isn’t in the stars, or HDNA I think you call it. Uh huh. Maybe Sony will “acquire” some more DNA and start making cars, and Don can start another website. Hurry Don, maybe is still available.


  4. Dennis says

    Gee Jason … did someone ruffle your feathers ?

    Did anyone say anything about Sony “dethroning” Canon ? Sony didn’t manufacturer enough cameras to “dethrone” anyone if they sold every last unit ! They set manufacturing targets based on anticipated sales. They’re trying to attain 10% market share. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind expect to see more Sony photographers uploading pics than Canon photographers ? Why would you waste your time investigating that when it’s blindingly obvious to everyone that Sony hasn’t outsold Canon.

    Don says Sony will have it’s “seat at the table” … cool. They will. They’ll be there with their first FF camera shortly after Nikon came out with its first FF camera.

    As for Sony “buying their way in” because they “showed up late” … ummm, what exactly is your problem ? Canon & Nikon established their systems 15-20 years ago. So that means that nobody else should try to compete ? Or maybe they should do it the Oly way and invent a new system from scratch ? And then if they don’t “dethrone” Canon, their mediocrity is showing ?

    Enjoy your market share Jason. Britney Spears sold a lot of CDs and is one of the most searched-for “musicians” on the web. The fact that there are a lot of XTi’s out there means that Canon has sold a lot of XTi’s … I imagine if you compare the XTi uploads to 5D uploads, you can deduce that the 5D is mediocre, too.

    The world doesn’t revolve around you and your precious Canon gear Jason. If Sony achieves their 10% goal for 2008, then they were successful for the year. And … FWIW … Canon executives will undobtedly be unhappy because to them, a drop in market share matters. They don’t get paid to be “#1″; they get paid to make more money year after year. If they weren’t concerned, they wouldn’t be putting out white papers attacking in-body stabilization, talking up how in-lens is so much better at long focal lengths where “it’s needed most” while quietly rolling out more and more consumer grade IS lenses; they wouldn’t have responded to the 7D announcement with a 20D mated with a new 17-85IS kit lens.

    I doubt I’ll ever see Sony have more market share than Canon or Nikon in my lifetime and I don’t really care.

    Go Sony !


  5. Jason says

    OK. I’m over the whole thing.

    I’ll bring a high chair to the table for you Sony guys to sit in.

  6. Stef. says

    Not sure this kind of tone is needed? Why fighting like little kids about who has the better toy? If somebody gets out of the wrong side of the bed please don’t post on the web. Putting up statistics that are fundamentally flawed from a-z do not contribute either. Who frankly cares who is the market leader as long as we are happy with whatever cameras we use?
    Every single camera that I came across had at least some flaws- none of them is so far perfect! More than one market player can only be good for all of us! So relax and enjoy.

  7. says

    Exactly Stef.
    More choice in the market is better for all of us.

    And sony might be rather late in the market, dont forget they bring an old friend to the DSLR market. the Sonnar and Plannar Zeiss glass. And that can only be a positive for those in search of quality… And to those mourning on the disappeared Contax brand.

    I m curious what the PMA will bring from Sony’s so lets wait and hope for some serious material.

  8. Radius says

    Boy, Jason, nothing proves your point like childish rambling. I can practically hear you stamping your feet from here. Just for your information, exactly how does how long a product has been on the market have to do with anything? Do yourself a favor and just shut up.


  9. JUSTIN says


  10. says

    Who ever thinks it is better to have one company “Canon” have a monopoly over the dslr market is best for consumers doesn’t think logically. I was excited to see Sony bringing in these new cameras. With their capital it is only a good sign for the dslr consumer. I could care less about Canon. Give me competition that creates better products for less. A full frame dslr that is affordable.

  11. Jeff says

    This year is an exciting year for us A-mounters :) Go SONY! Keep it up! We want more!

    Guys, just relax and enjoy the competition. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Lumix, Olympus… and so on… who benefit.. us ofcourse.. the features keep comming up hence the price is going down. imagine that (“,)

  12. darrell says


    If you were as smart as you seem to think you are, you would realize that sony’s emergence in the SLR scene will do nothing but drive Nikon and Canon to make technologies more affordable more quickly. The more successful Sony becomes, the better prices we’ll all get on the camera gear we want.

    If there were only two companies dominating the flat-screen TV industry, a 50″ would still cost $10,000 like it did three years ago. Competition is always good for the consumer. Quality competition is even better.

  13. Jan says

    Hey guys those cheerleaders on were hot. They show how good a Sony Alpha really is. I think those who think Canon is better are just brand biased. Sony Alpha is exactly equivalent to Canon products. Just different sensor, algorithms and strengths/weaknesses. I just think the in-chip steadyshot function in Sony makes it a winner. No need for anti-shake on all the lenses.

  14. says

    Majid Naghdi photographer
    +98-912 204 3001

    Sensor: Holy moly, a 25 megapixel full frame sensor! Be sure to bring lots of memory cards, because you are going to fill them up fast, especially if shooting RAW (and as a pro, why wouldn’t you be?). This is twice as big as the 12.2MP sensor in the competing Nikon D3, currently the darling of the photo forums. There’s got to be some serious computing horsepower going on inside the body, too, to process those enormous image files at a frame rate that is required for a pro-level camera. Presumably there are multiple card slots in the body, and perhaps extras in the optional battery grip.

    Size: If there’s one thing I learned in design school, it’s to take photos of handheld products using someone with hands that make the product appear the size you want it to be. In other words, small hands make a product look bigger, and vice versa. Well, either the person holding the camera in these shots has small hands, or this is one gigantic camera! Hard to tell how it scales compared to the big Canons and Nikons, but it’s clear it’s a beast. No doubt stoutly made, however, for its intended professional use. Unlike Nikon and Canon, Sony have opted not to build the battery grip into the body, so that may actually allow for a lower weight than the competition if you don’t need the grip all the time.

    Live View: Sony’s implementation of Live View in its entry-level A350 has been widely reviewed as the best approach so far, making it truly useful. (Lots of people dismiss Live View on a DSLR — “That’s what the viewfinder is for!” they say — but the fact is that looking at a screen from a distance rather than up against the viewfinder does have its uses, even for pros who often have to hold cameras above their heads to get a shot through a crowd.) The A900 brings Live View to a pro model camera in a similarly useful way.

  15. Ron the photo guy says

    I don’t know for sure but usually when someone beats there chest and screams we are the best they usually tend to be a little insecure. I personally think Sony makes a very capable dslr. Can’t we all just enjoy the photography hobby and not sling mud? I mean really. Get over it. Sony is a big company with lots of r&d cash and will likely keep making better and better cameras. So what???

  16. says

    I use the Sony 100, with the auto focus 500mm lens and some other glass, it’s mostly the human error when it comes to photography, if we could see as fast as the camera we’d be it’s equal. Most photographers want all the putz and zzzzzzzzzzzz sizzle etc, instead of thinking about the work and o yea working the camera I mean hard. It likes to see a lot.

  17. santipoker says

    Regarding camera equipment, why do people defend the makes as uf it were their mothers?

    Who cares whether Nikon or Canon wins? As a photographer for many years, I own Canon, Nikon, rolleiflex, Mamiya, Sigma Fuji cameras. They are all good.

    Photographers see photos in 12-16 bits, while customers only 2 bits. They either like it or don’t. I have never heard a customer say “wow that photo looks like it was taken on a Nikon, canon etc.”

    As an aside, regarding Sony a900. Everybody is wrong. I have a contact at Sony; Komei Machu
    Katukaka He says the a900 will be approx $4000usd.

    There is a smaller model fx for about $2000usd.

    Anyway save your $4000. The way I look at it, If I spend $4000 I had better defend it.

  18. says


    Sell your camera. Buy an xbox 360.

    I guarantee you’ll fit in with all the big kids in the playground

  19. John says

    Does anyone actually know the size of file that will be generated by a 24.8mp sensor? My worry is not the memory but the ability of tools like Elements to manipulate it without declaring it a “damaged file”

  20. Barrie O. Ward The Canadian Geezer says

    Looking forward to seeing the new Sony 900 I have had the good fortune to be using the Alpha 350 for a few months now … Superb camera that is performing above my expectations … as have been the other Sony cameras we have used.

    I have taken note of the evident brand snobbery within the realm of digital photography and it is obvious that Sony is being shunned for less than valid reasons.

  21. says

    I have often been asked this question, and I have actually never had a single person even attempt to argue with my answer…

    Q. What is the best camera to take a picture with?

    A. The one in your hand!


  22. Paul says

    At this point no one can afford to make an inferior product. I was a loyal Canon owner. Canon still makes an excellent camera. I however choose the Alpha 350 for it’s value and features. I particulary liked the live view and the flip out LCD. Not available from Canon or Nikon.Canon still offers more lenses and higher end cameras. Accesories, after market are more readily available for Canon and Nikon. Bottom line is it is a personal preference. You can not go wrong at this level.

  23. James Brown says

    A900 DSLR will be a 24.6-megapixel, 5fps, 100% finder coverage high-end
    digital SLR. It incoporates an anti-camera shake (SSS), a dust reduction,
    an automatic viewfinder crop for APS-C lenses. It will not however have a
    live-view through its LCD, a top ISO speed of 3200, a CF slot plus a memory
    stick slot, a weather-proof structure. It will be priced around US$3,000.

  24. Bean Bag says

    Why is it the Big Boys go to Sony for the heart (Sensor) of their cameras? Jason, does this mean that the big boys need Sony more than Sony needs them?

  25. Mark says


    Latest sales figures in the UK are Canon and Nikon 35% each Sony 20%. Canon have dropped from 49% in the last three months.

    In Poland, Sony is No.1, Nikon is No.2 and Canon is No. 3. The times they are a changing.

  26. KnowItAll says

    You guys are silly.

    As if a chef says “Look at my pots and pans…they’re better than yours!”

    It’s the pictures you take, not the gear you show off with.

  27. Donax says


    The only thing i can figure from such rantings is a real feeling of threat. I mean did Mercedes owners start jumping on how bad a car KIA made when it made a affordable luxury car (not comparing the Alpha line to KIA) no because mercedes wasn’t threatened by this. They knew were they stood and where KIA stood so for you to jump on Sony tells me that you A. Might be upset by what you own now or B. are threatened for some reason. Either of which makes no sense to me as if its something you like then enjoy it. Good example everyone name thier dreamcars…… im sure some people are saying Lamborgini or Ferrari maybe a Bently right?? I want a 1986 Caddilac Fleetwood Brougham. yes not big dreaming but something about that car is sexy to me so what am i wrong to love that car so even though there MAY be better. No I am not.

  28. Mel says

    There is definitely snobbery but I agree with the others – Sony can only add to competition and force better DSLRs from every manufacturer. Let’s just reap the benefits and enjoy!

  29. George Snow says

    To the Canon boys.

    Before you complain about the Sony A700 or A900, try one first. After using my A700 with my Carl Z lenses, I would not use a Canon again. I am looking at getting a A900 next. I was a Canon film guy years ago, a T70… But today… I love my Sony A700. The Canon D40.. reminds me of McDonalds.

    If Sony did not make cameras.. I would look getting a Nikon…

    Thanks GS

  30. Jay says

    What a shame is it to see an adult (well, lets assume) like our friend Jason getting so upset because other people aren’t worshipping ‘he’s brand’ and habitually following suite with his personal opinions.

    Jason, on behalf of everyone who has ever supported competition and free markets I apologise.

    Truely, I do.

    I also apologise that you feel it so worth your while to put in the assiduous and time-consuming effort to toil through internet forums of non Canon-ritualists and envelope yourself in ‘creditable’ analysis such as flickr upload statistics to support your self belief.

    Also I apologise that in 1986 when Canon were marketing their top of the line T90 SLR and Nikon were in the process of launching their F-800 Series Sony were busy with Toshiba co-developing the micro-chip commonly known today as a ‘processor’ and not making SLR’s. Sorry about that!

    But – our friend Jason, hands shaking in rage at the keyboard, has made his point. He’s called us idiots and he’s proved us so because he added up how many people have put photos on flickr. Now – he’s over it so we can focus on the matters at hand – The Sony A900.

    I own the A700, I dont know if more have been sold then Canon’s 40D and I really don’t care, I know is it’s manufacturers aren’t as distinguised in the industry as Canon and I really dont care. I know it takes great photos, it’s responsive, the SS works well and the Carl Zeiss and G optics are a pleasure to use.

    I will buy an A900 and I’m not idiot. I’ll also like my A900 and most likely be happy I bought it and I’m still not an idiot. I will love the new 24.6 Exmor Sensor and know that it’s low-light ability won’t be as accommodating at high ISO’s as competing models but i’ll love the image quality and world class resolution at the low ISO’s and probably never need the high ISO’s. Still not an idiot. I’ll also probably waste my time with it, taking photos and becomming a better photographer rather then perusing internet forums telling people how my ‘stuff is better then their stuff’.

    Jason, you’re a moron. You’re self mockery is hilarious and you need to grow up! You’re juvenille hissy fits aren’t going to change world poverty, their not going to make Sony close business, their not going to make people buy Canon.

    Oh, by the way Jason, Im from Australia, and let me promise you that any Eskimo would be sweating in December, naked or not… !!

  31. Magyar says

    I am a Nikon user (had D70, now D200). D70 did more than 120.000 frames. D200 is already over 150.000 and still working. Please, Sony users, can someone give me an info on Sony cameras longevity?

  32. Lusco says

    Sony A900 is a great winner in my opinion, as with their other cameras just an incredible value. They’ve really been able to leap forward by picking up where KM left off and leveraging all their technology.

    I think this will be my first full frame digital camera, for those new to Sony I recommend Alphamount world’s Sony a900 review

    and also be sure to take a look at what sites like drp and ir say. Note that not all sites had a production camera to review.

  33. Doc Robert says

    Are you guys stupid….This Jason guy has way too much time on his hands. Sounds like he is an old Canon/Nikon roadee and is scared shitless to see little ole’ Sony come cream Canon with their amazingly better priced, superior sensored Alpha 900…Who is the Idiot now Jason the Jackass??????

  34. Mark says

    Hey jason bet there are people out there that can take better shot on a disposable than a canon its not the camera its the person behind it and for the difference in price of my a100 and any canon or nikon i can take alot of pictures

  35. jmackaay says

    I cant’t wait to get one of these. I’ve been very impressed with Sony line so far. I bought A100 and the A700 and if the A900 is as good as the 700 with a giant sensor I will be pleased.

  36. XSony says

    This is a great camera. While it may not be up to professional camera standards such as Canon or Nikon, it will dominate the middle consumer market.

  37. Richard says

    It only matters what a camera is to you and you alone. It’s which camera works best for you and what you are comfortable with, not what works for someone else. I still have a Nikon D70 that suits my needs, but if I started to shoot for money I might justify a more capable camera like the a900. If I’m not mistaken Nikon uses the sensors developed by sony in most of their cameras. So find the one that fits your needs and budget and that you are comfortable with. I personally would love to try out this a900.