Nikon D90 and D3X Due June 2008

UPDATE: The Nikon D3X has been officially unveiled. See details of the Nikon D3X Announcement here.

The rumors surrounding the Nikon D3X have been stirring quite a bit over the last few days. See here and here for examples. Thom Hogan has stepped out with some more solid dates based on supposedly more solid rumors.

Current rumors out of Japan have Nikon introducing the D90, D3x, plus lenses, in the second week of June. I’m tightening my D90 (or whatever they decide to call it) prediction date to between May 12th and June 16th.

(via ByThom)

Stay current on these upcoming cameras via Photography Bay’s Nikon D90 Rumors page and Nikon D3X Rumors page.



  1. Marcel says

    Clearly Nikon and Canon are the driving forces in the 35mm industry and will continue to drive each other for years. So given this, their products often “match-up…not always, but often.

    So now I’ll speculate too! How’s this sound:
    Nikon’s line-up will be as follows:
    FX line-up:
    1) D3X to compete with Canon’s 1DsM3
    2) Existing D3- that will likely have “it’s hands full” with Canon’s new 5DM2.
    DX line-up:
    3) Existing D300- that might match up to Canon’s 3D, if it materializes per the rumors.
    4) D90 – to match up against Canon’s 40D
    5) D60 – to match up against Canon’s XSi

    The world according to a nobody.

  2. cray says

    Surely a D3X would be a ‘DX’ format camera – ie. an upgrade to the D2X.
    With the introduction of the ‘FX’ D3, Nikon have made themselves another classification of camera.
    They did have – D2X, D200, D80, D40 – Now they have a full frame pro camera (D3) and a DX fromat semi-pro (D300) but no pro level DX. I think this is where a D3X would fit in.
    Could they drop the consumer (D80) and expect ppl to go to the D300 instead (no D90)?

  3. John Brown says

    Nah, D3x or the others ain’t coming out until late 2008 (November, anyone?) or 2009. There’s so much crap all over the net, wizards knowing what D3x is going to be like, and absolutely zero correct information.

    If you’re about to buy a digital expensive (“pro”) SLR, hold your horses. If you need it now, buy D3 or EOS1DmkIII, but if you are ok with your current equipment (men typically aren’t.. :)) just wait until it’s officially announced. For all I know Nikon could just be spreading false rumours to heat up the market so they can pull a higher price..

    Another point I’d like to make is that there are two sorts of “pros”: those who buy expensive and newest equipment because “nothing else is up to my skills”, and those who shoot absolutely gorgeous photos even when they don’t have the newest&hottest in their hands. The sooner you buy, the more you pay, and the more you wait, the more you can be made to pay.

  4. says

    I want to see the difference between the d3x and the th, now that the d700 is available for pre-order and is essentially the d3 with d300 capabilities and compact size and 3000 $ off the d3. Megapixels better not be just the case; i’d like to see something a lot more fancy than that because every real amatuer-pro (let alone professional) knows that 8-14mpx is all that one really needs to pull off a decent print of up to 20×32″.

  5. says

    It appears that Jpeg standard is leaving for HI DEFF and Sony not Nikon will lead in the better format. Jpeg is 8base so the XP was 16 base and now Vista is 32 base but in 10 months that will be trashed as Vista is being dumped for 32 base to 64 base by Micro Soft.

    Since Jpeg is old and slow and very very limited Hi Deff Digital by Sony not Nikon will come out and kill Jpeg Digital Cameras by 2011- 2012.

    In 64 base 25-50MP will be workable with M-RAM. Notebooks are dumping 4GB-8GB to 256GB M-RAM and 64 base note books will fly at 100+ the speed of older 32base notebooks of 2008.

    After computers go to 64 base then M-RAM can upgrade Digital and Jpeg 8-base will be dead.

    Raw Digital fails because you need to convert back to 8 base Jpeg and you lose out all your improvements. So even Jpeg-XR better is still 8 base only.

    Why have an 8-base Jpeg when you have a 64 base computer by 2009. Only Sony can and will change the industry. Till then any camera Canon or Nikon in Jpeg is just old stuff if it is not Hi- Deff.

    It is not the camera stupid it is Jpeg 8 Base.

    Doug Harper