Nikon D3X at 24.4 Megapixels

Apparently, the latest firmware update for the Nikon D3 is the source of leaked info on the 24.4 Megapixel Nikon D3X, which has been rumored for some time. Perhaps we will see the Nikon D3X at Photokina 2008.  According to a forum poster at DPReview, the following was found:

The following strings are in the D3’s B-firmware file v1.10, starting at offet 3’614’640:

6048×4032 24.4 M
4544×3024 13.7 M
3024×2016 6.1 M
5056×4032 20.4 M
3792×3024 11.5 M
2528×2016 5.1 M
3968×2640 10.5 M
2976×1976 5.9 M
1984×1320 2.6 M

For the latest on the Nikon D3X, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D3X Rumors page.



  1. Mike says

    I don’t know why people bother speculating at all since we KNOW it’s going to happen anyway. People sit there and wonder “if” it’s going to happen, of course it is. Buy it when it comes out and use what you have now.

  2. Sigurd A. Wold says

    I have heard those rumors for some time already, and also learend that a prototype have been under trial several weeks. Believe D3x will come out this year, and for that reason I have already put my great Nikon D3 for sale, since i intend to upgrade with this model, and do not want to loose to much money.

  3. Amanda Maier says

    I think Nikon has to hurry up when they don´t want want to loose market influence. Photokina is over and nothing happened. Only a new 50mm/1,4 lens. But there happened other things. Canons new 5 D MkII blows away the D700, and Sonys a900 sets a new point with 24,4 MP with an interesting price and anti-shake-system on the sensor. And Leica with the announced new system S2 sets a remarkable point in the upper/mid-format class. Where is Nikon? The other side is, that Nikon always used to improve the cameras in very small steps, so that we were forced to update several times in a certain term of time. There are new models and brands on the market and they have to “turn around a little quicker” as we say in Europe. Today I wouldn´t buy a Nikon system any more.