Nikon D4 and D400 Due Next Month

In what could be the biggest camera launch of the year, one of Nikon Rumors’ sources has tipped the launch of the Nikon D4 and D400 for August.

Given the coming Sony A77 with a 24MP sensor, it is most likely that the D400 will sport the same 24MP APS-C sensor but labeled with the ubiquitous “Developed by Nikon” asterisk seen in recent Nikon pro-DSLR specs.  The D400 will almost certainly feature 1080p video to follow the recent trend of Nikon DSLRs.  Hopefully, the D400 will avoid the cumbersome aperture adjustment problem that made the Nikon D7000 more frustrating for video capture.

As for the Nikon D4, [Read more…]

Nikon Next-Gen Rumors: D4 and D800

As we saw with the announcement of the Nikon D3s, it looks like Nikon intends to squeeze as much as possible out of that 12.1-megapixel FX format sensor . . . for good reason though, it’s an awesome sensor that has been producing great images for over 2 years now.

Rumors of succeeding models to the popular D3 (which saw a recent refresh with the D3s) and D700 bodies have been floating around for several months.  Rumors of the D800 or a D700x seemed to gain momentum after Nikon announced the top-end D3x.  Many expected to see a high-megapixel equivalent of the D700, which came roughly 9 months after after the D3.  Since its introduction, the D700 has been characterized as sort of a “Nikon D3, Jr.” [Read more…]

Nikon D4 Coming December 2009?

Nikon D4

We got the Nikon D3X for Christmas last year.  So, why not the Nikon D4 for Christmas this year?

Our friends at Southern Photo Technical Service are again claiming to have info on the Nikon D4:

1. It will be announced December 2009.

2. It will have video.

3. It will be ground breaking.

4. Chuck Norris already has one.

Ok, so I made the last one up . . . but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

What do you think about video in a flagship camera?

Pros, will you use video?

Will you avoid the camera because of the video feature?