Nikon D3x Rumors Continue

Yet another forum poster (this time AVForums) has claimed to have to goods on the much rumored Nikon D3x:

Went to dinner with Nikon this week.

The Nikon D3X is due in December 08.

Again, the 24MP number was tossed out there, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the D3x is expected to share the Sony A900’s sensor.  Also, this is the second time of late that we’ve seen the December ’08 time frame pop up.

If this is true, Nikon continues its terrible record of keeping product development news a secret . . . or maybe it’s all part of their plan?  The hype surround the past several Nikon DSLRs has been huge – and, generally speaking, Nikon delivered on the hype.

For past and present D3x rumors, keep your eyes on Photography Bay’s Nikon D3x Rumors page.



  1. Roderick says

    Hmmm, a Sony sensor in the Nikon flagship. IMHO, Canon’s ability to produce their own sensors will always give them a trump card over Nikon.

    I fully acknowledge that sensor development and all it’s related activities is bloody expensive, but it would be excellent to see Nikon start doing their own chips. I wonder how much control they have over the sensor’s design and QC?? I know that H’blad and Kodak have developed a very close working relationship, but I wonder if that’s possible with Sony who is now a competitor of Nikon’s?

  2. says

    Umm… D3, D700, D90, all of those are Nikon in house chips, this rumor of the Sony chip has been around a long time. I too hope it is not true.

    The Sony chips that Nikon uses are not straight Sony chips, they are built or modified to Nikon’s spec’s, so in essence Sony becomes just another department of Nikon.