Fuji X-S1 Superzoom Announced

Fuji X-S1

Fuji has unveiled the new X-S1 superzoom camera, which is the latest in the X-Series cameras that also include the popular X100 and the new, trendy X10 point and shoot.  The Fuji X-S1 sports a 26x optical zoom lens (24-624mm equivalent) and a 2/3″ 12MP image sensor with the ability to capture RAW image files.

The X-S1 features Fuji’s signature EXR mode and captures 1080p video with stereo audio.  It includes an articulating LCD and makes serious performance claims of 0.01 second shutter lag and 7fps image capture at full resolution.

The Fuji X-S1 should be available in the UK in February at an initial retail price of £699.  No word yet on official US pricing.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

Check out the key features and more images of the X-S1 below. [Read more...]

Canon PowerShot Black Friday Deals

Canon G12 Black Friday

There are several Black Friday deals on Canon PowerShot models with up to $100 off over at Amazon right now (includes the G12, SX40 HS, 310 HS, 230 HS and more).  The deals are valid through Nov. 26 only.  Here’s the link.

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Canon Rebel Kits at Amazon as Good as Most Black Friday “Doorbusters”

Canon Rebel T3

As I have been perusing through the Black Friday ads this week, the one thing I’ve noticed is how underwhelming most of the DSLR “doorbuster” deals have been.  And how Amazon’s ordinary prices are inline with these Black Friday deals.

For instance, almost every major brick & mortar retailer is selling the Canon Rebel T3 at $479 as some kind of huge deal.  It was $478 on Amazon earlier this week and is $468 at the time of this post.

Amazon is offering a free basic backpack and an 8GB memory card with several Canon Rebel kits (e.g., T3, T2i, T3i), most of which are already cheaper than what’s you’ll find if you happen to make it into a store at 4AM and find them in stock.  Throw in the Transcend 8GB card and basic camera backpack, and you’ve got all the more reason to stay inside on Black Friday.

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Nikon P7000 for $249 – Deal Alert

Nikon P7000

This is a 50% savings on the Nikon P7000, which retails for $500.  At the time of this post, Amazon has the P7000 for $249.

Considering the spec sheet, the P7000 is probably worth the $250 price point; however, it’s not a camera that I can fully recommend – unless you can really live with the slow speed.

The newer P7100 is a much better camera, but you’ll pay more for it as well.  You can find my P7100 review here.

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Sony NEX-5N ‘Clicking’ Problem Update

Sony NEX-5N

I have heard from several Sony NEX-5N owners that the “performance improvement” offered by Sony for the NEX-5N’s clicking defect during video capture has been resolved.  I recently confirmed this for myself with several NEX-5N models that had the fix applied.  In all cases, the clicking was not audible to me anymore.

I’m revising my Sony NEX-5N review to reflect this solution and changing my recommendation for the NEX-5N as a highly-recommended camera.

Lightroom 3.6 and Camera Raw 6.6 Release Candidates Available

Adobe Lightroom 3.6

Adobe has made release candidates of Lightroom 3.6 and Camera Raw 6.6 available for download in Adobe Labs.  These versions add RAW file support for the following cameras:

A number of new lens profiles have also been added, along with several bug fixes.  Additional release notes are indicated on the respective download pages for each product. [Read more...]