Pentax Q7 Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera Unveiled

Pentax Q7

Pentax has announced its latest Q-mount camera – the Q7. The leading spec from Pentax is that the Q7 will be available in 120 color combinations.

Aesthetics aside, the Q7 features a 12.4MP 1/1.7″ backlit CMOS sensor and captures 1080p HD video at 24p or 30p. Additionally, the Q7 sports a 3-inch LCD at 460k-dot res and a max ISO 12,800 sensitivity setting. [Read more...]

Fujifilm Releases 5 New Compact Cameras

Fuji F850EXR

Fuji F850EXR

Fuji announced several new compact cameras yesterday:

  1. F900EXR
  2. F850EXR
  3. S6800
  4. S4800
  5. JX680

The F900EXR and F850EXR are both 16MP superzoom, compact cameras with a 20x optical zoom. The F900EXR offers a few premium features (like Wireless Image Transfer and higher continuous shooting frame rates) over the F850EXR, but otherwise appear to be the same cameras. [Read more...]