Canon “Super G Series” as an Answer to Mirrorless Competition?

Canon G12

There have been plenty of rumors lately about Canon’s response to the mirrorless camera systems that every other major manufacturer is cranking out like gangbusters.  The most consistent rumor of late seems to be that Canon is working on a sort of “Super G Series” camera(s).

I like it. Here’s why. [Read more...]

Another Nikon D800 Image

Nikon D800

Looks like another Nikon D800 image may have leaked out.  The above image from Nikon Rumors is claimed to be a side view of the Nikon D800, which accompanies the previously-leaked front and rear images.

The Nikon D800 is rumored to be coming in January or February 2012 and features a 36MP full frame image sensor, along with 1080p video capture at 30p, 25p and 24p frame rates.

Sony Full Frame 36MP Camera to Follow Nikon D800

Sony A99

Recent rumors purport to make the Nikon D800 a “sure thing” for a 2011 announcement.  While a follow-up to the Nikon D700 is overdue in terms of camera life expectancy, the biggest “shocker” of the rumor suggests a 36MP full frame sensor in the D800.

Nikon has relied on Sony for its past full frame sensors, and so, it seems logical that Sony would make use of such a sensor in its own Alpha-series DSLRs as well (as in the Nikon D3X and Sony A900 models).  And that me be what’s to come with a new full frame Sony camera sporting the same 36MP Sony sensor to be found in the Nikon D800. [Read more...]