Canon Rebel T4i Rumored to Sport 24MP

Canon Rebel T4i Rumors

With CES 2012 just around the bend, we should start to hear more camera rumors trickling out.  While the Canon Rebel T4i (or whatever it is called) may not appear at CES 2012, it shouldn’t be long afterward that we see a refresh to the Rebel T3i.

Canon Rumors picked up wind that the Rebel T4i may pack a 24MP APS-C sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor, along with other typical upgrades.  The Rebel T4i is rumored to appear sometime around CP+ in February 2012.

More details when we have them.



  1. Eric says

    It will be interesting to see how that affects the 60D and 7D, whether they get updated too or Canon takes the obvious knock to sales there. We are still seeing plenty of stockists with the 55od (aka t2i) here in Australia. Could we see the 550d (t2i), 600d (t3i), and 650d ?(t4i) all at once? Happy to see Canon at 24mp aps c though.

  2. says

    A Rebel-class EOS sporting a totally new 24MP sensor just defies Canon’s traditional marketing logic. It seems that as far as the APS-C format goes, 18MP is the sweet spot for this 1.6x FOVCR sensor as had been proven in the 7D, 60D, 600D and 550D.

    Let’s not forget that even the latest pro-body, EOS 1Dx, in spite of its 35mm frame format has scaled down to 18MP, beating the full frame 5D Mk II’s 21MP sensor in terms of high ISO capability and dynamic range. We’d think that Canon would push the EOS 1Dx to at least 24MP, but Canon didn’t. I’ll bet many 5D Mk II owners have been scratching their heads over this move.

    Historically, the xxxD models are always the last to receive the latest technological features from their upscale brothers. The 18MP sensor and 63-zone, iFCL metering system which was first introduced with the 7D was first received by the 550D. Shortly afterward the built-in wireless flash feature from the 7D then trickled down to the Vari-Angle LCD equipped 60D, which in turn had both features included into the 600D/Rebel T3i.

    I’ve read that Sony, with its huge R&D funding plays a different marketing game, unlike Nikon and Canon. It (Sony) doesn’t really care whether its Alpha line of dSLRs and NEX interchangeable lens models actually make record sales – it just wants to be at the forefront of the sensor technology game, hoping to win the hearts and minds of technology followers.

    You can see how many Alpha models had been introduced and phased out since it first took over Konica-Minolta’s dSLR manufacturing division and churned out the original A-100 back in 2006. Even Sony’s full frame models – the Alpha A900 and A850 which came out in 2008 and 2009 respectively have been discontinued with no replacement FF models in sight.

    IMO, 24 Megapixels crammed into an APS-C sized sensor means even smaller pixel pitch which leads to a much earlier pixel diffraction limited apertures and increased noise. Even with the new speedier DiGIC 5 DSP, it’s going to have a hard time processing 24MP worth of RAW sensor data while maintaining a reasonable continuous frame rate under 4fps, as in the 600D and 550D.

    Canon followers have noted how the continuous frame rate of the 60D dropped from 6.3fps to 5.3fps compared to its predecessor, the 50D which had just 15MP using the same DiGIC 4 processor. While the difference is just 3MP, that additional three million pixels’ worth of data proved to be too taxing for the DiGIC 4 processor.

    We have also seen that Canon downscaled the huge 14.7MP CCD sensor in the old PowerShot G10 in favor of their High Sensitivity, 10MP CCD sensor originally introduced in the discontinued G11 and the S90, both which captured large worldwide sales and won reviewers’ accolades alike.

    Personally I don’t think Sony has actually imposed a threat to Canon’s entry level dSLR market. Canon has by far, the widest array of lenses in the market; especially primes and which Sony cannot match. Canon knows this, and its real sales are its lenses and accessories rather than its low end dSLR bodies with small profit margins.

    Even owners of Rebel-class dSLRs from the old 1000D/XS to the latest 600D/T3i have at least bought the EF 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens, Canon’s lowest priced lens. Some even have purchased premium lenses like the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM or one of the L-series EF lenses.

    Unless Canon has secretly came out with a new Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor like they did with their new crop of PowerShot compacts (notably the S100 and the SX40 HS), they’re not going to win fans with an APS-C sensor packed to the brim with 24 million sensor elements.

    I’ll bet the Pentax dSLR community, who have long enjoyed their K-series cameras with superior sensors with lower noise and higher dynamic range are going to smirk at this. :o)

  3. Bob Johnson says

    Looking forward to the Canon Rebel T4i but…..
    I’m beginning to think the current Canon Rebel T3i might be the best buy yet. (for under $1,000.00. ) (Body only and add the “good” lenses.)
    Also: I’m starting to consider the new “full frame” Canon and forget the rest (APS-C format).
    Thi;ngs are getting interesting. Go CANON.

    bob johnson

  4. Sotiris says

    I don’t care about megapixels, I want a good quality sensor with good low light performances and a Digic 5 possessor with higher bit rate for video. Low noise and low compression video and I am happy.

  5. Bob Johnson says

    AMEN to the above. 18-megapixels is fine with 3/4 format. Really accurate “low-light” and
    true auto-focus on mag-zoom would really be great.
    Also: true full manual override on all auto-settings would be something.

    bob johnson

  6. Nikolaus says

    I wonder its 25th Anniversary of Canon EOS and 75th Anniversary of Canon itself and there is no much celebration from Canon. There is no news about the EOS 650D / T4i. It looks so strange why Canon is so calm. Canon USA has huge sale on EOS Camera and Lenses but no label of Anniversary. Lot of events passed but no serious announcements from affordable DSLR which has huge sale then expensive mark series. Media also have no attentions about it they are busy with the rumors and hypes of ipad.


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