Complete Canon Medium Format System Next Year at Photokina?

Canon Medium Format Rumors

The latest rumors on the Canon medium format camera suggest that Canon will hold off unveiling a medium format camera until Photokina 2014. The reasoning in the rumors is that Canon does not want to launch until there are enough products in the line to unveil a complete system – with the intent to have a “show stealing” announcement at Photokina 2014 next September. [Read more…]

Canon Medium Format Rumors Still Churning

Canon Medium Format Rumors

A fews after the Canon/Phase One medium format rumors surfaced, we now have a gaggle of confirmations and denials about such a camera. One source noted that Canon was certainly going to make it happen and the Canon medium format move would get a very big announcement at Photokina 2014.

Nothing concrete has surfaced anywhere in the rumor mill. At this point, we are still waiting for something more solid to come along.

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[via Northlight & CR]

Canon Making a Move Into Medium Format?

Canon Medium Format Rumors

Now this would stir the pot a bit….

New rumors suggest that Canon is looking into digital medium format cameras. Specifically, that Canon is investing (possibly with the intent to purchase) a medium format manufacturer. The most obvious choice? Phase One.

Phase One makes some very high-res camera backs, including the IQ280 at 80MP in 645 format with a sensor size of 40.4mm x 53.7mm.

Just how big is that compared to a full frame sensor found in the likes of the 5D Mark III and 1D X? [Read more…]