Canon Medium Format System Rumors

Canon Medium Format Rumors

New rumors are surfacing that Canon has sent out questionnaires to some “key users” that contained questions about interest in a medium format system. Specifically, the questions concentrated on “image quality, usage scenarios and lens requirements.”

MF Comparison

Canon has been rumored to be working on the development of a medium format system. Previous rumors suggested that Canon was working with Phase One or would possibly acquire Phase One to accomplish the goal of building a medium format system. A rumor from last year pointed toward Photokina 2014 as a launch point for the new system.

If Canon is still bouncing around ideas and feeling out the market for a medium format system, then Photokina seems a little soon to be dropping a major announcement for the new system. Until we hear something a little more solid, I would take this rumor with a heavy dose of salt.

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  1. forkboy1965 says

    I would have no use for one (Nor could I afford it), but I think it would be an excellent direction for Canon to embark. I believe there would be a market for such.

      • Oberoth says

        Not 100% sure what you are trying to saying but imo the only way to stop a market from becoming stagnant is innovation and progress, this means breaking new ground.

        Things have slowed down a huge anount in recent years in the photography world, ie if you have a camera that is 1 or 2 generations old there is very little need to run out and upgrade to the latest model.

        Nikon is doing its best with tripling the pixel count from D700 to D800, Sony are trying with mirrorless tech but imo Canon are resting too much on their laurels and not bringing new ideas and cencepts to its customers.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Canon fan, owned a 7D since release but reading the rumoured 7D ii specs there’s barely a reason to upgrade, we are talking about a camera that is 5 years in the making and at best it’s a small evolutionary step forward. I’m sorry but if Canon want some more money out of me they are going to really have to pull their finger out!

  2. G G says

    I would much rather have a 40+ Mpixel full frame camera that has low noise and high bit depth at ISO100. Then I could get some good out of my half dozen or so investments in Canon L glass rather than starting over with something that I couldn’t afford anyway. Canon is already two generations behind in this area, very disappointing.

  3. Greg Ralph says

    I agree with GG. The average low-key pro or serious amateur will generally have a large investment in lenses. Current SLR design and build is perfectly acceptable but until Canon (and others) wake up to the need for full-frame across the range; things are going to stagnate.