Possible Class Action Suit for Frustrated Nikon D600 Customers Churning

Nikon D600

We are all well aware of the sensor dust spot complaints generated by Nikon D600 users. Nikon has yet to acknowledge a problem with the D600 . . . even though it launched a Nikon D610 with the only real upgrade being an improved shutter. In a service advisory about the D600 sensor dust problem, Nikon simply stated that the problem was “generally attributed to the natural accumulation of dust.” Recently, some customers have even received Nikon D610 units as their “fix” for a problematic D600 model sent in for a sensor cleaning.

US law firm Lieff Cabraser has posted an inquiry form soliciting information from Nikon D600 customers, which cites the D600 as an allegedly defective product and notes further that consumer protection laws may afford D600 customers an opportunity to bring a class action suit against Nikon for their troubles. 

The inquiry provides, in part, as follows:

Nikon did not identify the cause for the debris buildup on the D600 sensor, nor acknowledge, as many consumers have alleged, that this is a widespread problem with the camera. To eliminate the unwanted and distracting spots in their photos, D600 owners have had to repeatedly send the camera to service technicians for cleaning at great inconvenience and cost.

Consumers have also alleged that Nikon resold D600 cameras returned to the company due to the dust issue as “refurbished” cameras, without actually remedying the defect. As a result, a new set of consumers were sold cameras that produce images with unwanted spots and require repeated sensor cleaning.

You can read the full inquiry and submit your info here on Lieff Cabraser’s website.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Frenchkiddo says

    I do understand that with the recent tsunami in Japan, firms like Nikon, Canon and the others have been hit real hard. However this is not the way to move on! Nikon should admit that its behaviour is wrong; especially if your firm’s name is Nikon.

  2. Dennis Blades says

    I have owned Nikon cameras for 30yrs but my next camera will not be a Nikon, I think the way they have treated customers over the D600 is shameful.

  3. David King says

    I had the sensor cleaned for free at the Nikon service centre and have not had great problems since, I get dust spots but I also change lenses in the field a lot.

  4. Phil Burt says

    I bought the Nikon D600 right after it came out and I guess I am the lucky one in that I didn’t get a dust problem, but what I did get is a camera that isn’t worth too much as far as selling is concerned. I will always stay with Nikon but I would sign in on a class action because of what it did to the value of my camera.
    If they would come out with a New replacement for the D800 that had 24 pixels instead of 36 I would jump on it.