Nikon D610 Announced (a D600 with a New Shutter)

Nikon D610

Nikon has finally take the official wraps off of the frequently-rumored Nikon D610, which serves as a direct replacement to the Nikon D600.

Nikon D610 Key Features

  • 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 3 Image Processor
  • 3.2″ 921k-Dot LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
  • External Mic and Headphone Inputs
  • Continuous Shooting up to 6 fps
  • Expandable Sensitivity to ISO 25600
  • Multi-CAM 4800 AF Sensor with 39 Points
  • Built-In Flash with Commander Mode
  • Supports WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter

Nikon D610 Top

In the early going, the D600 was plagued with a “sensor spot” issue caused by excessive oil from the shutter mechanism. While the D610 offers some enhancements over the D600, the feature set is largely identical. Accordingly, the D610 is believed to be a response to the D600’s early problems and help Nikon get away from the stigma associated with it.

The Nikon D610 features the same FX-format (aka full frame) 24.3MP sensor as found in the D600. The two features listed as “new” are a 6 fps frame rate (up from 5.5 fps) and a Quiet Continuous Shutter Mode for up to 3 fps. Nikon also claims an improved auto white balance system in the D610. Otherwise, the camera appears virtually identical to the D600.

While Nikon doesn’t acknowledge any problems with the D600 in the D610’s announcement, in highlighting the features, Nikon took care to note that the shutter mechanism is, itself, new. The 0.5 fps bump in speed is Nikon’s way of sidestepping the whole D600 debacle, while at the same time ensuring potential customers that they have the problem fixed.

Nikon D610 Back

The Nikon D610 should be available in late October 2013.

In addition to fixing the sensor oil issue, Nikon also dropped the price by $100 so that the D610 starts at just $1,999.95 for the body only. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

The D610 with AF-S 24-85mm VR lens retails for $2,599.95, which is also $100 less than the D600 kit. Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. Dan says

    Can we confirm that the problem with the D600 is fixed or is the D610 confirmation that the D600 will forever get dust and oil. I feel really sorry for the D600 owners as it will be difficult to sell a used D600 at this point without giving it away. I’m so glad I returned mine as soon as I saw dust. This is Nikon saying to D600 owners, “yeah, the D600 has issues and no we are not going to fix your camera”. The D600 should have an optional recall to swap the shutter mech out for the new one. Otherwise, Nikon is making one of the worst customer service decisions I have ever seen by releasing a new camera to fix the broken one, refusing to permanently fix the still under warranty D600, and driving D600 prices into the dirt by announcing a fixed D610 without fixing the D600 defects.

    • John says

      Exactly. I have owned Nikons since the FM2 but Nikon was a different company then. It has since been taken over by the bean counters. I never even considered looking at a Canon, but you can bet if Nikon doesn’t come forward with a recall or a substantial trade in allowance for the now worthless D600….I will.

  2. Bradley Ward says

    I sure am glad that I did not buy a D600!

    I did upgrade from a D3100 to a D3200 pretty quickly after the D3200 came out. But I am watching this D600 situation closely. If Nikon does not give D600 users an upgrade option costing no more than $200 or so, then I will be very wary of ever buying a new camera model when it first comes out. I would want to wait a year first in case design flaws like this pop up.

    Hopefully Nikon will do the right thing, as it is fun to have the latest model early after release!

  3. ajoy says

    Dont know about others but i have my d600 since july 2013 …havd taken 4000 plus photos …video of nearly 180 mins plus …no problem of dust that too considering i broke my top cover on 5th day after buying coz i rough handled a nikon flash during a shoot. Used the broken top in very windy n rain situation and yet when i replaced the top in september 3 ……no dust or oil on sensor…
    so dont go gaga over this issue as some initial models/batches might have had the issue which they must have done a fix to prevent otber batches from recurring issues…..
    enjoy my d600 cheers

  4. Paul Zacharia says

    I agree that N should have made service for D600 whereever needed. But in my case, the dust could be easily cleaned. I guess in time this issue will disappear as there is no ‘dust producer’.
    I guess this problem was a bit overblown, coz the amount of dust can not appear forever. I blow the chamber when it happened rarely, which i also did with older bodies. In all, the result of this body outweigh all the fear of this problem will make it worthless. Every real photographer will not be disturbed by trivial issues like this.
    I was initially disappointed too, but not to the level of fearing it will not have good resale value.

  5. Ed. Dickau says

    The problem exists in earlier models also including my 800, 700, 7000 and 7100. I have using Nikons since 1958 do not enjoy becoming expert at wet cleaning!