Hasselblad Unveils the ‘HV’ as $11,500 Rebadged Sony A99


Hasselblad has announced another nonsensical rebadge of a Sony camera. This time, the Sony A99 (announced 1.5 years ago) with its 24MP full frame sensor becomes the new Hasselblad HV.


The Hasselblad HV camera body is machined from high-grade aluminum and is finished with PVD, which is apparently created from “high temperature vacuum evaporation and plasma sputter bombardment processes.” Hasselblad says PVD hardness is second only to that of diamonds.


The camera ships with the Zeiss Sonnar T* 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and a hardshell, Pelican-like case. It retails for a whopping €8500, which converts to about $11,500 USD.


Other than the fancy materials, the Hasselblad HV remains a Sony A99 underneath.

For comparison, you can buy the Sony A99 right now with the Sony battery grip and HVL-F60M flash for $2798. If you wanted to spring for the Zeiss 24-70mm lens, it will set you back another $2K. For less than $5K, you can have all that Hasselblad offers you (for more than twice that price) and get the battery grip and flash to boot.


You can read more about this idiotic camera here on Hasselblad’s website.



  1. John says

    Seriously… what sort of pretentious n@b would buy this camera?! They made their name with fantastic medium format cameras and lens… they should just stick to that. The foray into tarted up compacts and DSLR’s (not even their own design) is just a big w@nk!

  2. dick ranez says

    What a beautiful camera. I’m sure the Swedes did a bang up job of “improving” the firmware,
    have an entire lens roadmap lurking in the bushes, and a slick marketing campaign to extoll the virtues of an overpriced, rebranded turkey of a camera. I’ll wait two years and buy one for
    $350 on Ebay to impress my “real photographer” friends.

  3. Markac says

    It looks nice, but all that money for all that money for an SLT camera that’s based on a Sony model due to be superseded soon?