Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition Unveiled, Only 200 Units for $10,000 Each


Hasselblad is at it again with a new Lunar mirrorless camera. This one is a special edition camera that “boasts a sumptuous, unique red Tuscan leather grip; a black leather shoulder strap accented with red stitching and an exclusive PVD matte gold-treated top plate – and comes with a  ‘before tax’ price tag of €7,200.” That works out to about $10,000 USD.


Hasselblad calls the line “highly popular” and wants to celebrate with an “iconic limited edition camera” that will be produced in a limited 200 unit run. If you want a snazzy Sony NEX-7 for the price of a lightly-used Honda Civic, you had better be quick on this one.




  1. EricB says

    With the looks of a lucky bag item.. Guess it is limited to 200 because there can’t be that many gullible people in the world. OMG I wish I had 10K spare to spend on some real decent camera gear…
    This sort of stunt really puts me off looking at Hasselblad for studio cameras as I am left thinking all of their gear is going to be a hyped rip off.

  2. says

    Hmmm…sounds exciting for $10K…a leather strap and wood grip…why is there no mention of image quality/processor/functionality improvement over a “normal” NEX 7? A test review comparison would be interesting!

  3. RM says

    I’m happy with my Ricoh GR Limited Edition (5,000 units) for the price of $899.00 dollars… That’s a deal not this iron man color camera! I agree with TEW and KashY.