Hasselblad Releases 3 Stellar Special Edition Cameras for $3175

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition

As if the first round of dolled-up Sony RX100 cameras wasn’t enough, Hasselblad has unveiled 3 additional “special edition” models for the ripe price of $3175 each. Yes, the cameras perform virtually identical to the Sony RX100, but cost 6x the price. While the RX100 is a great camera, it’s not $3175 great.

More pics and complete details from Hasselblad via the official press release below.

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition 3

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition 2

Hasselblad has followed up the summer launch of Stellar, its second camera aimed at the amateur and enthusiast market, with the unveiling of three new ‘Stellar Special Edition’ compact cameras.

The latest Stellar models offer photographers the choice of three new camera body colours: black, white and orange – and ship with bespoke camera cases in black or white leather with signature stitching and shoulder and wrist straps.

Luca Alessandrini, Hasselblad’s New Business Development Director said: “The launch of our Stellar brand in July was a great success and now we are offering discerning customers new options on this outstanding point and shoot camera. Stellar Special Edition models are now available with carbon fibre, padouk or wenge wood grips and come with exclusive leather cases specially designed at our elite Italy-based Design Centre. The latest models will retail at € 2,375 / £ 1,975 / $ 3,175 (excl. VAT).”

Stellar compact cameras incorporate Hasselblad’s advanced imaging technology, Carl Zeiss lenses, Full HD video and a 3.6 x optical zoom capability. The camera’s wide range ISO sensitivity allows the user to shoot in almost any light.

Stellar is Hasselblad’s second camera launch in the consumer photography marketplace. Its first model, Lunar, made its global debut in the spring – and for the first time offered consumers a camera embracing traditional Hasselblad state-of-the-art image capture finesse combined with stunning Italian design features.



  1. Timbam says

    Not really sure why anyone would waste thier money on these camera’s. I guess for some it is a status symbol. I guess what I don’t understand is why Hasselbeck has to use other technologies instead of developing a camera on thier own. This is the second line of camera’s they are selling that are based on another camera companies technology.

  2. says

    I agree with @Timbam – as I commented last week:

    This is a sad state of affairs for the once-venerable brand Hasselblad. The 120 and 35MM film cameras (even though the latter were made by Fuji) were of the highest quality in their day. Now the brand is reduced to rebadging other manufacturers’ products with cosmetic changes as if they were meaningful. Even their own website touts the look and the metals used in the body rather than make claims of photographic quality.

    In other words, while back in the day there were doubtless some Hassy owners who really purchased them as “jewelry”, more interested in impressing others than in taking great photos, real pros used Hasselblads to do their work. Now it seems that the brand is nothing more than an attempt at selling to folks who know little about the craft and just associate the brand with “expensive” in their pathetic attempt to show off how much they can spend.

  3. says

    The range of handgrips has also been carried over from the previous Stellar model, including such interesting-sounding woods as padouk and wenge

    The Stellar Special Editions will ship with bespoke camera cases in black or white leather, which come with matching shoulder and wrist straps.