No More New Canon DSLRs or Lenses in 2013?

Canon 100-400mm L Lens

We had lots of hope for new cameras and lenses from Canon. Particularly, I have been looking forward to a replacement for the EF 100-400mm L lens. Recent rumors, however, suggest that Canon may not have anything left to pull out for 2013 in terms of EOS and EF lines.

There has been plenty of murmurs in recent months about a pair of new EOS M models due prior to PhotoPlus 2013. (The current EOS M is still in fire sale mode.) If the sources are to be believed, however, it could be rather quiet for Canon other than the recent introduction of the EOS 70D.

[via CR]



  1. Sky says

    … why all of the “I hope” posts got stuff in them that’s completely irrelevant from photography point of view?

    I for one would hope for Canon FF with 14+ EV Dynamic Range. Cause current “barely 12″ sometimes can be underwhelming. Sony got APS-C cameras with greater DR.