2 New Canon EOS M Models Coming Soon?

Canon EOS M-2

Following the recent price slashing of the current Canon EOS M, along with its potential end of production, rumors continue to swirl regarding successors to the first generation EOS M.

Two cameras are rumored to be coming up in short order.

First, a “basic” Canon EOS M model is rumored to appear within the next couple of months. Notably, the camera is not rumored to include the new Dual Pixel AF system found in the Canon 70D. If the 18MP APS-C sensor rumors hold true, it is likely based on the current generation of 18MP sensors floating around in several Canon cameras today.

Based on what we’ve seen so far from demos, if Canon fails to include Dual Pixel AF in any upcoming mirrorless cameras, I think it is a mistake.

Sure, Canon has kind of turned things around with the firmware update to the EOS M, and appears to have made the camera usable. However, the firmware upgrade is likely too little, too late to make any significant impact on the original EOS M’s impression on the market.¬†¬†Additionally,¬†Canon is not competing with “usable.”

Sony, Fuji and the Micro Four Thirds consortium have a massive head start in the mirrorless market. Even Samsung is out in front of Canon right now.

If Canon is not hitting a home run with every mirrorless camera going forward and continues to do the Canon thing of playing it safe (e.g., the first EOS M, Rebel T5i, etc.), then it is going to continue to lose ground while Sony, Fuji and Olympus, in particular, continue to innovate. Introducing a mirrorless camera with the same AF technology that is inside the original EOS M is a bad idea. No matter how much the firmware is “improved,” the stigma associated with the EOS M system is not going to change with a “refresh.”

The number 2 rumored product, however, is a proper EOS M camera that does contain the Dual Pixel AF system found in the 70D. According to the rumors, it will most likely be the same 20.2MP APS-C sensor found in the 70D.

Appropriately, this second EOS M model is purportedly aimed at users of pro Canon DSLRs. The camera is further rumored to include an optional full viewfinder.

Of course, these are just rumors at this point. So take the rumors and my reactions with a grain of salt. If there is anything to them though, I’m definitely looking forward to camera number 2.

[via Northlight]