New Canon L Lens(es) Due in September?

Canon 100-400mm L Lens

More rumors are coming in about something big in the lens department for Canon. Specifically, that an announcement would come in September and it is a “big deal.”

I’ve continued to hear churnings about the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS and EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS replacements since this past spring. If there is truth to this latest rumor, I would expect to see one or both of those as the “big deal” next month. I’m not confident that an exact replacement (or Mark II version) of these lenses would show up, but something that would serve as a replacement in spirit. Some of the features that could be on the chopping block are the push/pull design and perhaps a faster variable aperture range.

If any sources have further details, please drop me a line via the contact form.

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  1. Cassy says

    Hi Eric, just wondering do you think the new Canon 100-400 mm will still keep the Stabilizer mode?

  2. OLD_CANON_GUY says

    I have both current lenses mentioned in this rumor report. The 100-400 IS very handy, although it is also VERY prone to internal dust collection. The inside surface of the objective lens is spattered w/ dust particles now, and it’s been professionally serviced a couple of times already. IF CANON does replace the 28-300 (currently, in its 2nd iteration), I hope they find some barrel material that doesn’t come from sunken ships. While it may be an excellent lens optically, it’s a real BEAR to tote around on a day-long trek. Mount it onto a 5D Mk II w/ a BP attached, and you’ve got yourself a real good boat anchor!!!!

  3. OLD_CANON_GUY says

    A follow-up comment…..
    Another lens that CANON had in their lineup was the EF 35-350. And, while it was a variable aperture lens, it started out @ f3.5, so at the short end, it was a tad bit faster than the 100-400. The BIGGEST negative of the 35-350 was that it didn’t have the “IS” function. IF you look at the used ones appearing on the lists, you’ll notice that this lens has retained almost 100% of its initial sales price. I recently came across an old photo magazine (about 10+ yrs old) & noticed that both ADORAMA & B&H sold the 35-350 for about $1100. In EXCELLENT condition, these lenses are fetching approx. $1000 today. So, it’s very obvious that when this lens was introduced, digital cameras almost didn’t exist, yet today the dSLR is the dominant camera, and this lens is sought after. I would surmise that there are many photographers who appreciate this lens’ range, even w/ their digital bodies & the 1.6 factor.

  4. Jason says

    I for one hope they never make a new 100-400mm lens because if they do I will have to buy it- and I rather keep a few dollars in my checking account. See, I have this compulsion to buy every lens canon offers (within reason) – and I cannot control myself. I usually say I am going to the camera store “just to look at it”, which causes my wife to roll her eyes and say- sure, lets go look – there is a penera bread next door. So we go- and I fall in love with the new lens – and my wife, sick of watching me play with the lens says “just buy it so we can go home” – and I proceed to spend my kids college fund on new glass. Canon knows how addictive new L series lenses are, and do they care what it is doing to us? NO!!! I have gone through lens rehab 8 times and my doctor says if I don’t stop my addiction I will end up homeless and dead from an L series lens overdose. I am too young to die!! My addiction started at age 6, when canon pushed a dslr on me. Sure the first one was free (birthday present), but I soon found myself turning trix (weddings, birthdays, etc) to afford my addiction. Canon, think of the children for god sakes – stop producing so much glass, at least wait until the dollar is strong :)

    • Syed Tajgeer says

      Jason, you sound like a good man just for the sake of your family can you please see a psychiatrist. We all have issues but most of the time we do not know but you do.
      So free yourself and get treated because your family don’t want to loose you. You will not die but may get a divorce. For kids it will be like death.
      Since you have many lenses go make some money. If you make money you have a right to buy another one else don’t spend your kids money.