Canon Press Event Scheduled for August 21

Canon Media Event August

Canon USA has scheduled a media event for August 21. No word yet on what would be coming from Canon; however, there are plenty of solid guesses based on recent rumors. 

Of course, the ripest product for an announcement is the EOS M line of cameras. After the recent fire sale on the first-gen EOS M, the camera appears to be on its way out. Prior rumors suggested 2 new EOS M models are slated for release soon – a base model and a higher-end model with the new dual pixel AF found in the 70D.

Additionally, plenty of rumors suggest a Canon 7D Mark II is just around the corner; however, rumors have been pretty consistent that the 7D Mark II won’t make an appearance until 2014 – even if it is announced in 2013. This seems a little too early for a product that will launch in 2014.

And then, there are the rumors of the Canon 1 Series 75MP+ camera that is currently undergoing testing.

Expect for details on any new cameras to surface in the coming weeks. Of course, we’ll know for sure in a little over 3 weeks.

If you have legit details on what’s coming, feel free to pass it along via the contact form.



  1. Canon PR says

    Canon will be announcing a Flickr like site that will allow you to store your photos in the cloud. No products will be announced.

  2. Otto Northe says

    So now it s one day after and nothing announced worth publishing. Somehow it is a pity that Canon is good, else one would wish them their arrogance falling upon them.