Canon EOS 7D Mark II Due in 2014?

Canon 7D Mark II

Canon 7D Mark II Mockup

Consistent with past rumors, it looks like the Canon 7D Mark II will make its debut in 2014, which will leave the new Canon 70D with time to shine this fall.

The latest rumors suggest that the 7D Mark II may get an official announcement sometime in 2013 (perhaps after the Nikon D400 announcement), but will not ship until 2014. Recall that the same thing happened with the Canon 1D X back in 2011.

Rumored specs suggest it will remain an APS-C format camera, contrary to older rumors that the 7D Mark II would step up into the full frame territory, which was actually what turned out to be the Canon 6D. Additionally, the sensor is rumored to be either the 20.2MP sensor found in the Canon 70D or a new 24.1MP APS-C sensor that would make its debut in the 7D Mark II.

Canon 7D Mark II Rumored Specs

  • 24.1mp APS-C Sensor
  • Dual DIGIC V
  • 10fps
  • Dual Memory Card Slots (Unknown configuration)
  • 61 AF Points
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Build quality like 5D3
  • GPS & Wifi
  • $2199 ($500 more than the 7D at launch)
  • ISO Performance to get close to the 5D3
  • “Lots of video features”

Given the overall bump in features that the 70D received, I would expect even further separation with the 7D Mark II as both a stills shooter and an HDSLR so that the 7D Mark II arrives as a true flagship APS-C camera.

[via Canon Rumors]



  1. jim says

    Ho Hum, another slr, looks like they’re keeping up with a lot of point and shoots these days,

    With the price of this, getting closer to the price of a full frame, might as well do
    a Nikon 6D, if you must have a dslr?

    A new Canon, really ? “the old boss the same as the new boss.”
    Ok, going back to sleep.

  2. brian says

    Price isn’t really where I was hoping or expecting, and the timeframe isn’t either. Will consider the 70D…

    Wondering what video features that they left out of the 70D that they’ll include on this… dual card recording (one + backup) would be nice to have when shooting critical footage. Would like to see a flipout LCD and 1080/60p as well as an XLR audio solution, even if it’s as ugly as the C100 one.