Canon 7D Mark II Not Coming in 2013?

Canon 7D Mark II

The latest in a long line of rumors concerning the Canon 7D Mark II puts the camera’s delivery beyond this calendar year and into 2014. That would put the original Canon 7D (it was announced in Sept. 2009) well past the 4-year mark if/when the 7D Mark II is announced in 2014. Much longer and we’ll need to start looking into kindergarten programs for the 7D…

Additionally, the Canon 70D is supposedly the only other Canon DSLR that is going to arrive this year; however, there are rumors from “good sources” that put several new lenses coming in 2013. Could the EF 28-300mm and EF 100-400mm lenses be among those new offerings?

[via CR]



  1. Eddie Knox says

    I don’t care if it comes out next year if it comes packed with a new sensor, better image quality, dynamic range and 1080p@60fps.
    That’s all I ask! .
    Maybe on the 70D?

  2. M.D.Ratcliff says

    Boooooo! Been watching rumors for a few months and was only getting more excited with every announcement… That is until this one. I hope this is a bad rumor.

  3. Eugene Powers says

    I was posting after every rumor about 7D that it is just that a rumor and this camera is not coming out. I was right!!!!!

  4. Drago says

    Just can’t deal with the soft images and autofocus issues of my 7D anymore, despite two trips to Cannon Factory Service. I want to love this camera so bad, but just can’t deal with poor image quality any longer…