Nokia EOS Phone Leaks Show Off Big Camera


Several images of the upcoming Nokia EOS Windows Phone have leaked out and make it out to be a very camera-heavy phone. The Nokia EOS should not be associated with the Canon EOS brand; however, if that’s the final name of the product, I can’t imagine that Canon will let it slide without a prompt trademark infringement lawsuit – particularly given how the camera seems to be such a big feature of this phone.


While I haven’t used a Windows Phone, recent Nokia smartphones (e.g., the 41MP 808 Pureview) have been regarded as offering some of the best (if not the best) image quality in the smartphone class.

No word yet on specs for the Nokia EOS; however, if that bulge of a camera is anything to judge it by (and based on the 808 Pureview’s power), the EOS may end up at the top of the camera phone crowd. Of course, we’re not ready to proclaim Nokia phones as a replacement for DSLRs like Nokia’s VP did a few years ago . . . even though Nokia tried to pass off DSLR footage as coming from its Lumia 920 last year.

[GSM Arena via PetaPixel]